The 2024 ML, AI, & Data Landscape

The new MAD (ML, AI & Data) landscape has recently been released and underlines the growth of this sector of the martech ecosystem. 

This year's MAD landscape, compiled by Matt Truck, displays 2,011 logos in total, up from 1,416 last year, with 578 new vendors added. 

2024 AI Landscape jpeg

(Click here for an interactive version of the landscape)

This growth in the landscape is driven by several factors. One is the explosion of available data and the need for tools to allow marketers to make sense of it, made more challenging by the imminent need to move away from third-party data

Another is the recent explosion in the popularity of AI, which has seen many new startups enter the space. In addition, as Matt explains, several existing companies have recently positioned themselves around AI. 

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