Marketing & Tech Book Club: Hacking Marketing by Scott Brinker

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Book cover of Hacking Marketing by Scott BrinkerScott Brinker is often credited with bringing modern marketing and marketing technology to the forefront, knowingly nicknamed the martech's 'godfather'.

Nothing gives greater weight to this titular than this profound and industry-specific read.

The marketing landscape is changing rapidly, with new innovation and technology cropping up in every corner of the industry. Plus, the digital environment and digital world are looking more and more alien to marketers today. Scott Brinker provides marketing technologists- as well as newcomers- with the perfect road map to navigate this ever-changing framework.

'Hacking' any form of business can be a complex process, but Scott provides leaders with simple principles that can make marketing functions smoother, and allow for the balancing of innovation and scalability. 

The agile approach is based around efficiency and streamlining processes, something that makes a lot of sense if the digital landscape continues to twist and reshape.

We chatted with Scott about his fantastic book as part of our Marketing & Technology Book Club

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For this episode, we chatted with Scott Brinker about Hacking Marketing, his thoughts on agile adoption and what exactly is martech?

Influential names such as Scott Brinker and Roland Smart have rallied around the agile approach, pointing out that marketers need to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape.

Some need convincing however, and we asked Scott for the sales pitch. While he admitted the approach wasn't a 'one size fits all' deal, if marketers want their team to adapt to change and to take on new skills- the agile approach remains the most beneficial.

Your world is moving faster than ever. I almost guarantee that the number one management problem you’ll have is keeping up with the pace of change. The whole benefit of all these different agile methodologies is that the private solution to that challenge can make it easier for your team to be able to learn and adapt at a much faster rate @ChiefMartec #MarketingBookClub

What is martech anyway?

Want to know Scott's answer? Listen to the interview below: