Who is Roland Smart?

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Roland Smart is a marketing leader and definitive figure on agile marketing. He has three startups under his belt, a groundbreaking book and expertise in social media, mobile application development and tech.

Roland Smart


Why we love him

As marketing in the digital era has evolved, delivering a positive customer experience has become more complex. Identifying the altered playing field, Roland quickly saw the need for a new agile approach.

Traditional annual plans are a thing of the past, as Roland's Agile Marketing strategies brought marketing and technology closer together and implemented a more succinct customer experience.


    • Serves as VP Marketing for the Pantheon Platform
    • Former VP of Social and Community Marketing for the Oracle corporate marketing group.
    • Led the marketing team at Sprout, a social/mobile ad creation platform.
    • Developed a passion for product development, user experience, and Agile practices while running the marketing team at Adaptive Path, a leading San Francisco based UX Design firm (acquired by CapitalOne).
    • Writer for rolandsmart.com, Forbes.com, iMedia and other publications.
    • Speaks at industry events such as the ad:tech, The Social Media Optimization Conference, Modern Marketing Experience, Oracle OpenWorld, and SXSW

Fun Facts

  • Roland lives in Marin, California with his wife and son
  • Roland is an aficionado of hiking and mountain biking and can often be found in the Golden Gate Recreation Area
  • Roland also joined us for Marketing & Tech Book Club to chat about his book, The Agile Marketer

Where to find out more

    • Rolandsmart.com: Various resources such as Roland's blog and any new projects and presentations
    • The Marketing Agility Podcast: Roland currently hosts the podcast with Frank Days where they strike up conversations with fellow marketers who have started applying the Agile approach
    • Don’t forget to read his bestselling book, The Agile Marketer: Turning Customer Experience into your Competitive Advantage

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