Brands Failing to Meet Customer Experience Expectations: Report

Just 10% of customers feel that brands are providing what they see as a 'good experience', though 82% of marketers feel they are meeting consumer expectations. 

This is one of the findings from a new report from Acquia, which looks at CX from a customer perspective. We'll look at some of the customer experience stats from the report. 

What do customers want from brands? 

Customers want greater convenience and personalisation from their interactions with brands. 

  • 90% of survey respondents want a convenient experience when they interact with a brand online. 
  • 68% said their brand interactions need to be made easier. 
  • 63% said they often abandon a brand for another due to a poor experience. 
  • 80% would be more loyal to a brand that understands them and what they're looking for. 
  • 68% of customers say the brands they regularly interact with understand their preferences, provide what they are looking for and anticipate their needs.

However, the survey suggests that brands are falling short, with 60% saying brands aren't doing a good job of using personal preferences to predict their needs, while 66% feel they are being treated like a generic customer.

Customer expectations around Martech

Customers expect brands to use technology to improve customer experiences and meet their needs more effectively. 

  • 82% think technology should make online experiences with brands better.
  • 53% are looking forward to artificial intelligence (AI) improving interactions with brands

Use of data, and the problems brands face

There is an issue over data privacy, and trust. While many consumers expect brands to use data to improve experiences, many are reluctant to share too much data, and fearful that it will lead to a bombardment of marketing messages. 

  • 61% are not confident that brands have their best interests in mind when they use, store or share their personal data. 
  • 83% wanted stronger data privacy laws in their country. 

Of course, the problem for marketers is that they need consumer data to build the experiences that customers are looking for - to personalise product recommendations, or to improve the online experience. 

Marketers are generally conscious of customer concerns about privacy, but a few bad experiences for customers can lead to a general lack of trust on this issue. 

Barriers to effective use of marketing technology

Some of the marketers surveyed are struggling to use the technology they have to improve customer experiences.

  • 49% of marketers struggle when dealing with technology that is too complex.
  • 57% say technology has made it harder to offer customers personalised experiences
  • 62% are unable to get their various marketing technology solutions to work together. 

Our own recent Customer Experience Trends & Insights report found similar barriers to providing great CX, with lack of skills and knowledge of tech the biggest obstacle. 

barriers to CX

As our report found, the companies that are finding the solutions to these issues, and using personalisation effectively, are those that are meeting or exceeding customer expectations.