B2B Marketing Maturity Study Finds Scope for Improvement

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A new report from Integrate into marketing maturity finds plenty of scope for improvement, with just 23% of marketers placing themselves in the top category. 

The Integrate State of Marketing Maturity report surveys senior VPs, VPs, senior directors, directors, senior managers, and managers at B2B technology, financial services, manufacturing, education, and healthcare companies, with respondents working across a range of roles, including ABM and marketing operations

Respondents were asked a range of questions relating to organisational structure, current martech capabilities, and overall marketing strategy.

They were then assigned marketing maturity scores, which are spread all across the spectrum. 

integrate marketing maturity

As you can see, the results indicate room for improvement, with 56% of respondents not confident that their marketing strategy, technology and team structure are capable of supporting their marketing goals. 

Looking specifically at martech maturity, the scores are split across Integrate's spectrum. 

While the top 26% have full integration of martech tools to support an omnichannel strategy, the bottom 20% say they have 'limited to no martech'. 


integrate martech maturity

As our own Martech Report 2021 shows, one of the keys to improving martech maturity, and overall marketing performance is not just about the available tech, but having the team structure in place to effectively coordinate strategy. 
Intregrate's report finds that the companies with lower levels of martech maturity typically have siloed teams and goals, and therefore don't see the need to connect and integrate tech fully.  
By contrast, those respondents achieving higher levels of maturity have better data collection and analysis, coordination across departments and channels and are able to drive greater brand awareness with targeted campaigns. 
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The effectiveness of martech isn't just about implementation alone. The best marketers will achieve results because their technology works with them every step of the way.