AntiConLX Global 2022 - How to Future-Proof Your Martech Stack

Headless is a 2015 horror movie, but around the same time the term also started popping up in marketing, ecommerce and the IT industry. Never heard of it? Then it's high time you did.

As John Skitt from Storyblok explained in his session from AntiConLX Global,  if you bet on Headless, you are betting on the new standard of technology in digital experience.

Key takeaways from the session: 

    • You will be one step ahead of those who are still lost in the world of monoliths. Headless technology is taking the martech world by storm, we can help make sure it will be smooth sailing for you.
    • Why should you bet on headless? There is no 100% right way to approach CMS for every use case, but chopping off the presentation layer and making content accessible for more than just one platform is a smart approach to account for multiple use cases.
    • How to best manage your content for the world. Going headless doesn't have to mean that you need to abandon all the visual editing tools and drag-and drop features you love. We can show you how.

Hey there, martech fans. Want to expand your knowledge on the space to the nth degree? Well, have we got a treat for you. Be the best martech-er you can be, and continue your learning journey, with our 4Ps ebook here!

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