Three Successful Examples of ABM Campaigns

Account-Based Marketing is one of the highest-yielding forms of B2B marketing. It's not easy, but when it works, it works like nothing else before it ever could, really.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

In short, this is the practice of a very focused approach to B2B Marketing, where marketing and sales work together in order to generate very specific leads that are more likely to make a purchase eventually.

Account-Based Marketing is tricky and arduous, but offers almost unparalleled ROI with regards to grabbing the attentions of high-profile accounts. Marketers and salespeople use incredibly personalised strategies to obtain and engage the most valuable and important leads.

Like I say, that was a short summary of Account-based Marketing. If you want a more comprehensive ABM Best Practice Guide, look here

So basically, we know that ABM really works, but it's not always the easiest form of B2B Marketing to pull off. With that in mind, it's always useful to take a look at what has been, rather than what will be sometimes, in order to get some inspiration and learn a thing or two.

That's why we're going to be looking at some of...

Some of the best examples of Account-Based Marketing in the B2B sphere


Performance-centric ABM Platform RollWorks used ABM perfectly, when they decided to try a new stunt that would hope to reignite any leads that had run cold. Before that though, they had a wonderful way of catching leads in the first place.

Working together, the marketing and SDR teams came up with various display ads, landing pages, and direct mail pieces and building on that, used ABM to stretch their marketing reach much further to keep momentum going after making initial appointments.

Where the real genius comes in though is with what RollWorks did when they identified leads who hadn't progressed for 35 days of more. Finding these specific prospects, they then physically posted them “Over-the-Line” kits, which included a notebook with a checklist detailing the final steps they needed to take to get started on their first ad campaign.

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Just so prospects didn't forget about RollWorks immediately after flicking past the first page, the notebook also contained customer testimonials on every few pages. Teamed with this wonderful idea, they also implemented lower-funnel display ads, which worked to convince customers and leads to adopt their full suite.

The results were stunning. Appointment rates rose from just 2.6% to 10.2%, while the prospects who received the over-the-line kit were 3x more likely to subsequently book an appointment. The sales team also achieved a 41% closing rate - which is phenomenal - and the brand's social media awareness skyrocketed.


Media agency GumGum wanted to grab the attention of McDonald's, so naturally turned to AMB for their answers. McDonald's - obvious, I don't need to tell you this - are known for their burgers, and with that, GumGum sent executives at both McDonald’s and the company’s media agencies their very own burger kits, of which they designed 100.

Using the format of the famous Big Mac ingredients, GumGum listed all of the aspects for their company's technology, and used social media to promote their latest stunt, making videos and tagging the most relevant decision-makers.

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Because of this, GumGum secured a meeting with McDonalds' key stakeholders, all because of this outside of the box thinking and use of innovative ABM.

New Relic

If you're not aware of them, New Relic provides a cloud-based platform to help developers and engineers monitor their software performance.

They needed to find a way to target DevOps audiences across a number of key accounts, ultimately wanted to drive engagement. Knowing that DevOps is a lot of trial and error - fail fast and often - but ultimately learning from these failures, the metaphor of skateboarding was coined.

new relic skateboard

With that, New Relic branded skateboards with personalised hand written notes were sent to the key individuals within the target accounts via direct mail, which were then followed up by 1:1 personalised video, email content and social outreach. New Relic were then able to work out which prospects were the most responsive and proceed with them.

The results spoke for themselves; a 70% email click through rate, a 76% email open rate, and 50x the usual ROI delivered. Not too bad at all, eh?