Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Key to Customer Engagement


How do you crawl, walk, and run to omnichannel marketing? This question was at the core of MarTech Alliance’s recent Web Sesh, “Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World,”

featuring our very own Stuart Gordon, VP of EMEA at Blueshift, as well as Fredrik Salzedo, Director of Retention and CRM at Discovery+ EMEA. Watch on-demand as we break down the challenges streaming platforms are currently facing, the importance of personalization to today’s customers, and why your brand needs an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Okay, be honest: how much time have you spent binge-watching TV shows during the pandemic? Unsurprisingly, when we asked webinar viewers for their responses in a live poll, people were more likely to consume 20+ hours of digital content per week (note that social media wasn’t included in this poll — streaming platforms only) than none at all. As time inside has increased over the past year and a half, streaming has also increased. However, as customers prioritize self-care and attempt to limit their screen time, the digital streaming landscape faces even stiffer competition.

“Capturing and increasing customer attention is increasingly challenging, especially in a competitive space like digital streaming.” – Stuart Gordon, VP of EMEA, Blueshift

So, how do digital streaming platforms like Discovery+ capture audience attention above their competitors? The answer is personalization. Salzedo stated that personalization is one of the top priorities at Discovery+, and that they tailor their content to specific individuals instead of generalized personas. Subscribers want content and recommendations that support their particular interests, but they’re also sceptical of giving up their data. This makes it even more crucial to be intentional and transparent about how your brand uses first-party data to personalize content for viewers and suggest shows they will want to watch, leading to increased engagement and renewed subscriptions. 

In order to achieve this level of personalization, your brand messaging and content recommendations need to be consistent across all marketing channels. Think about it this way: if multichannel marketing is separate customer experiences within multiple channels, omnichannel marketing is one cohesive customer experience across all channels. A seamless customer experience is key to capturing and retaining audience attention among competitors.

“You’re ultimately trying to achieve a seamless, connected experience — and to do that, lots of channels isn’t the answer. The answer is, ‘How do you architect and orchestrate in a way that’s meaningful and contextualized?’” – Carlos Doughty, Chief Marketing Technologist & CEO, MarTech Alliance

What does your brand need to make this seamless, connected omnichannel experience a reality? It starts with a SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) like Blueshift. Blueshift allows you to:

  • Create relevant content in real time
  • Orchestrate engaging user experiences
  • Unify and activate your customer data

With these capabilities in one single, easy-to-use customer data platform, omnichannel orchestration and enhanced customer experiences are within reach. But hey, don’t take it from us.

“You’re going to have to have a platform where you tie everything up...this is where everything can be possible.” – Fredrik Salzedo, Director of Retention and CRM, Discovery+ EMEA

To learn more about Blueshift and how our SmartHub CDP can help you achieve your brand’s goals, contact one of our omnichannel marketing experts today.