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MarTech Web Sesh: Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World with Blueshift


My word, what a webinar we have for you here. If you’ve already watched it and you’re back for more, then you know just how great it was, as our CEO Carlos Doughty hosted the imitable talents of Stuart Gordon, Vice President at Blueshift, and Fredrik Salzedo, Director of Retention and CRM at Discovery+ EMEA!

Talking about Driving Customer Engagement in a Distracted World, Fredrik and Stuart discussed in detail how catching an audiences’ attention and subsequently keeping it. Back in the day, this wouldn’t have been so hard as the likes of TV and film would have been the ultimate distraction. Now though, since everyone has a smartphone within reach and are absolutely not afraid to use them in literally any situation, it’s these “old platforms” that are fighting an uphill battle.

Don’t get me wrong, Discovery+ is by no means an old platform - and is one of the leading platforms in its field - but offering longform content is something that is constantly changing in light of constant and new distractions. Of course, personalisation is the key to combating this...

During the webinar, Fredrik and Stuart spoke about:

  • How principles of omnichannel personalization apply to all companies, not just streaming companies
  • How to crawl, walk, run to omnichannel personalization
  • How personalization at scale is possible
  • And generally much more

Talking about the pure mass of content that Discovery+ has on its platform, Fredrik said of making the interface as personalised as possible:

“It could be hard to navigate and to really make use of this huge library so for us, personalisation is really where it comes to, to be able to identify the different types of cohorts of users that we have, so that we can brand the service. This is depending on users [not personas]. People are talking about personas; for me it's not even personas anymore, because I want to be so personalised that it can really be down to a one-to-one level. To be, for example, ‘okay you've been watching that type of show, and therefore being able to brand the product and to expose shows that we think you might like - not what your persona might like - but what you as this specific individual might like’.”


Stuart Gordon, Vice President, Blueshift

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Fredrik Salzedo, Director of Retention and CRM, Discovery+ EMEA

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Carlos Doughty (moderator), Chief Marketing Technologist & CEO, MarTech Alliance


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