The Upsides of Using Automation in Your Business

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Since Orchestration became one of everyone's favourite marketing tools and people started moaning about getting too many emails from various companies, Automation has become the whipping-boy in the world of martech.

It's plain to see from anyone who has even a slight idea of what works in the world of marketing technology that Automation can be a flawed tool, but that's not to say that it's entirely useless.

In fact, used correctly and, in some cases, sparingly, Automation can become one of the most important aspects of a company's martech stack.

So what are the bits and bobs that Automation can help you with?

Increasing productivity

For obvious reasons, when you have a martech solution sorting out the mundane and repetitive tasks like tweets, emails, LinkedIn posts and more, this frees up time for the actual humans working at your company, who can spend their newfound minutes doing other things, like knitting or learning some magic tricks or maybe, just maybe, something they're paid to do, like work.

Reducing human error

This one is pretty obvious, really. If someone has the job to throw a tweet out every two hours or something like that, then they could get tied up with other tasks or maybe even just forget. God knows I've done both of those things...

Automation allows you to reduce the risk of human error by putting certain responsibilities in the hands of robots! Droids, if you will. If you won't, then that's fine because it's more algorithms than robots, but you know what I mean.

Automation is fantastic for completing repeatable tasks that don't require huge amounts of thinking and unless there's some horrible crash of the servers or something of that ilk, then there won't be any sort of error to contend with.

Reducing operational costs

Both of the previous points go hand-in-hand when reducing operational costs, as with time freed up for workers and fewer mistakes being made, efficiency is way up, which is a posh way of saying that things are getting cheaper!

It also means that fewer employees are needed on certain tasks, so if you're so inclined, you could keep your relatively small team - or just not grow as much as you had anticipated you needed to - and delegate certain tasks to your automation software.

The stats prove it

Companies using automation have reported excellent results: 

  • According to Invespcro, 80% of companies managed to increase leads thanks to marketing automation.
  • Invespcro also found that 77% of companies saw an increase in conversions as a result of automation.
  • According to Nucleus research, the use of marketing automation increased productivity by 20%. 

In general, Automation, while flawed, is very useful and can really help reduce costs and increase efficiency for your company. You just need to make sure that you're using it right!