Making it stack up: How to get, and stay, in control of your martech

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Martech. Small word, mad world. There’s no getting away from the fact that most marketers don’t seem to feel fully at home with marketing technology – and that needs to change.  

The goalposts keep shifting, for one thing. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of a solution, it evolves or a new category pops up. With more than 7k different types of martech solution, the possible combinations for your own martech stack are right confusing.  But that’s no excuse for not doubling down on marketing tech. Ignoring martech is the last thing you should do. For one thing, you won’t notice when your competitors power past you.

2019 Marketing Technology Landscape-2

This is what over 7,000 martech solutions looks like!

Easy for you to say, you might think. It’s true. At MarTech Alliance I eat, sleep and breathe martech. That’s why I took a long, hard look at what marketers needed to get from martech and what was stopping them getting it. And then I came up with a framework to help.

The 4Ps of Marketing Technology ebook is the result of chatting to loads of marketers, plenty of nerdy debates with technologists, reading and researching all things martech. Not to mention delivering countless marketing tech projects. The net result is a blueprint that I think is going to help you build and manage your marketing tech strategy and roadmap – or optimise what you’ve got.

Plan, People, Platform and Process - your 4Ps in a nutshell and now it’s time to crack that nut. In The 4Ps of Marketing Technology, I'll walk you through the…

4Ps of MarTech Animation v2

Plan: The why

This is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Your martech plan and roadmap wraps around the customer journey, powers your channel marketing, delivers richer insight and accelerates your marketing strategy through to the business goals and customer experience.

People: The who

The skills/training, people, partners and team structure needed to deliver your martech strategy. Marketing technologists or ops, platform partners, marketing automation managers, digital marketing operations managers, data scientists, growth hackers and more, all the way to emerging and disruptive tech that redefines roles as we know them today.

Platforms: The what

From marketing tool selection, to building and integrating your complete marketing stack. This is the technology powering your marketing functions. These include advertising and promotion, commerce and sales, content and experience, data, management plus social and relationships. This could be anything from email marketing, search, measurability, multi-channel automation, personalisation, sales enablement and loads more.

Process: The how

This is a two-parter: Firstly, it’s the implementation of, or the process of setting up your martech solution(s). Secondly, it’s the operations, or process of how the marketing runs with martech platforms in place. In both cases, it’s about speed, adaptability, rapid experimentation and optimisation.

Going through the 4Ps doesn’t mean your job is finished. You’re just getting started. Our 4Ps of martech is a perpetual cycle, helping you evolve, learn and improve with every spin. Gaining clarity on what you can get out of martech is just a step away.

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