How to Launch a Webpage in 3 Days: No Code Required

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How a product marketer used Acquia Site Studio's low code tools to launch a new webpage in only 3 days without writing a single line of code.

If you told your WebOps team today that you needed to launch a new product page in three days, what would they say? 

I’ll tell you what my WebOps said to me: “How about you make it?” They weren’t kidding either. 

I’ve worked on Acquia’s Product Marketing team for about three years now and when we acquired our low-code site-building solution, Acquia Site Studio, I immediately wanted to get my hands on it. As a product marketer, it was always a process to update content on product pages and launch new product pages. It took planning and meetings with technical and digital teams, connecting on style and brand guidelines, working with our copywriting team to ensure brand voice was used, and of course, working with our talented Drupal developers to make sure that everything on the page looked the way we envisioned it. 

Based on the lengthy workflow, you can imagine how quickly my heart dropped into my stomach when I realized that I had forgotten to submit a ticket request to create a product page for our new offering, Acquia China Managed Services

I had executed every other part of the launch strategy, from helping our PR team with the press release to planning sales enablement to working with our demand generation team on campaigns. But I had forgotten the critical task of putting in a request for a webpage that would be central to all other activities.

So I did what anyone would do in such a situation: go to the WebOps team with my tail between my legs and beg them to help me deliver the webpage in time for the product launch. We had a 15-minute sync where I told them about the page requirements and goals of the page that would need to be created, half expecting them to say that it couldn’t be done. 

Instead, to my surprise, our lead developer looked at me and said, “How about you make it?”. 

I was shocked if I’m being honest. The only code I have ever written or interacted with was a little bit of HTML copy and pasting to customize my MySpace background back in 2005. But he meant what he said. Creating a new page in Site Studio was fast and intuitive. I just needed to start by hitting the “Add Content” button in the top right corner of my Site Studio instance for and select “product page”. To my surprise, it was exactly as easy as that. Let me walk you through the process and how it went. 

  1. I selected the Product page type and created a new page. These frequently used content types were already created in the Site Studio library, so content could be reused and duplicated quickly rather than starting from scratch.

  2. Then, I created the page title and description by filling in the designated fields.

  3. Then I got to work choosing the right components. All of the components are prebuilt and already abide by our site and brand guidelines. As an example, I could only use the components that are made for the product page type, and I couldn’t adjust colours outside of our pre-set brand colours.

  4. Next, I started adding in the components that fit the content I needed customers to read and filled in the content including text and images that I wanted to appear on the page.

  5. Finally, when I felt good about the page’s look and feel, I marked it ready for copy review and logged a message to signify who I needed to review and what I needed reviewed.

  6. After the copy review, we sent it in for creative review so that all images and styles could be reviewed by our creative team to ensure they were sized correctly and that they were up to quality par.

  7. Finally, the final page was sent to our Senior Director of Demand Generation for a final review and passed on to our lead developer to push to production and launch on Curious about the final page? You can find it here.

In total, the process took three days. I created the page on day 1, it was reviewed for copy and creative on day 2, and was finalized on day 3. The page meets all of our brand and site guidelines and is consistent with all other pages. There was a level of governance and oversight baked into the controls, so I could work freely with the confidence that my page was aligned with our organization’s standards. The biggest win?  I didn’t use a single line of code to create it! 

So while I don’t recommend saving a critical product page that is necessary for a major product launch to the last minute, I can say from experience that Site Studio gives you the ability to create content super fast and avoid giving your developers an unnecessary fire drill.