Going Virtual: How 10 Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

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Driving Conference Engagement

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation which develops and markets networking products, services and software solutions.

Goal: To provide an engaging, unified virtual conference to audiences across the globe.

Pain Point: Global health restrictions prevented Juniper Networks from hosting its annual conference series, NXTWORK, in physical locations.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team for our agility and incredible execution in taking our signature in-person events and reimagining them as global virtual events. We were able to hold our first global virtual event just 45 days from the decision to go virtual and our outcomes far exceeded our historical in-person event averages. ON24 proved to be a flexible platform that facilitated audience acquisition and a world-class attendee experience.” Mike Marcellin, Chief Marketing Officer at Juniper Networks

How Juniper Networks uses The ON24 Digital
Experience Platform:

  •  With The ON24 Digital Experience Platform in place, Juniper Networks could both scale its virtual version of NXTWORK globally and translate its content into several different languages.
  • Juniper Networks provided attendees with a comprehensive conference experience, complete with three keynotes, three customer conversations, 22 breakout sessions and six demos.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • With its virtual conference in place, Juniper Networks can connect and engage with customers across the globe at any time, anywhere.
  • With six webinars and content hubs translated into six different languages, Juniper Networks has an easy-to-use resource to drive engagement in global regions.
  • By the numbers, Juniper Networks saw more than 25,000 registrations in more than 120 countries and drove more than 7,300 hours of engagement with customers and partners.
  • All told, Juniper Networks drove 5x more pipeline when compared to in-person events.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement


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Expanding Client Reach through Digital Engagement

Plante Moran is one of the world’s largest wealth management firms employing more than 3,000 professionals across the globe.

Goal: To use in-person events to directly attract, engage and inform high-net-worth individuals in a digital environment.

Pain Point: To directly engage with high-net-worth individuals, Plante Moran needed to create highly personalized digital experiences for different target personas based on asset levels.

“Digital experiences have changed the landscape of marketing. We will definitely continue to have an online event mix going forward so we can continue to scale
our reach and build meaningful relationships with partners and clients across the country.” Jennifer Ballarin, Director of Marketing, Plante Moran, Wealth Management

How Plante Moran uses The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • To scale its operations, Plante Moran made use of ON24 Elite’s simulive features, which allows the wealth management firm to pre-record polished, professional webinars while also providing a live experience for attendees.
  • To provide personalized digital experiences, Plante Moran used the data it collected from its simulive events — from resource downloads to questions asked — to create bespoke landing pages with ON24 Target.
  • Armed with insights and powerful ON24 integrations, Plante Moran used its audience’s digital body language to create custom “surround sound” campaigns — from paid ads to customized emails — to nurture and convert leads.

Return on Engagement with ON24

  • Using the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, Plante Moran managed to scale its invite-only summit and connect with more high-net-worth individuals.
  • With on-demand engagement, Plante Moran managed to increase the number of views and overall engagement with targeted audiences by 25% while also generating 14 new meeting requests from summit attendees.
  • Thanks to the virtual nature of its summit, Plante Moran scaled its reach and overall attendees by 7x at a third of the cost.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on EngagementFeaturing:

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  • ON24 Virtual Conference
  • ON24 Engagement Hub
  • ON24 Target

Amplifying Thought Leadership Through Digital Experiences

ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform helps organizations to automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes across the enterprise.

Goal: To create actionable insights and nurture leads with data generated from digital experiences.

Pain Point: ServiceNow creates a lot of valuable thought leadership content, but it needs a solution to help it deliver the right content to the right person at the right time so it can drive pipeline and revenue

“The platform itself is wonderful, but what makes our digital experience programs so successful, in addition to our internal teamwork, is our relationship with the ON24 team — they are always ready to help us create an engaging experience for the audience.” Rosaline Raj, Senior Campaign Marketing Manager, ServiceNow

How service now uses The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • ServiceNow uses the data it gleans from the ON24 Digital
    Experience Platform to craft webinars targeted to audience
  • With ON24’s dynamic digital experience platform in place,
    ServiceNow easily virtualized its live events and used those
    digital experiences to reach a wider audience while reducing
    production and venue costs.
  • ServiceNow uses ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target to
    provide audiences with on-demand, easy-to-access resource
    hubs that are personalized to their needs.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • ServiceNow’s webinar program is now its #1 pipeline
    driving channel.
  • With content available on-demand, ServiceNow extends the life
    of its events and makes it easier for the team to identify topics
    and formats that resonate with audiences.
  • With insights gathered from ON24 webinars, content hubs and
    personalized landing pages, ServiceNow can easily execute on
    its strategy and drive results.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement


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Driving Attendee Engagement with Dynamic Experiences

Edelman Financial Engines is America’s top independent financial planning and investment advisor.

Goal: Edelman Financial Engines wants to use engagement data to
provide personalized experiences for audiences.

Pain Point: Edelman Financial Engines needed to go beyond the webinar
to create engaging digital experiences that inform, involve and
influence its audience over a long period of time.

“Switching to ON24 was a breeze. From training to implementation, we’ve been able to easily create a way to provide better education to our clients in an interactive and engaging manner, without major heavy lifting internally.” Jocelyn Robertson, Webinar Manager, Edelman, Financial Engines

How Edelman Financial Engines uses The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • With ON24 Engagement Tools, Edelman Financial Engines encourages attendees to interact with presenters through Q&A, polls, surveys and more.
  • Edelman Financial Engines takes advantage of ON24 simulive features, allowing the firm to pre-record a webinar, customize it to several accounts and maintain a live look and feel.
  • With on-demand recordings, Edelman Financial Engines can easily cut up and repurpose webinars into smaller educational videos, encouraging audiences to engage further and consume more content.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • Repurposed content empowers Edelman Financial Engines’ sales team with short, field-proven videos that can be used to highlight services and engage new prospects.
  • With its interactivity tools in place, like the Call to Action Engagement tool, Edelman Financial Engines has increased advisor appointments by 65%.
  • By improving the promotion, content and quality of its digital event Edelman Financial Engines has boosted webinar registrations by 75%.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement


  • ON24 Webcast Elite

Driving Quality Pipeline Through Digital Events

Arctic Wolf provides a next-generation cybersecurity platform that uses machine learning to deliver personalized protection.

Goal: To enhance Arctic Wolf’s field marketing operations with
digital experiences.

Pain Point: A sudden need to move from physical field events to virtual field
events without losing out on quality leads.

“We were able to increase our digital engagement and enhance the prospect user experience, as well as their journey. And most importantly, we were able to take the insights we got using ON24 and turn them into actionable data.” Jada Holst, Demand Generation Specialist, Arctic Wolf

How Arctic Wolf used The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • Arctic Wolf’s field and digital marketing teams used ON24 Elite to organize and create webinars with channel partners.
  • With simulive features enabled, Arctic Wolf could easily empower resellers partners to use branded material to market to regional audiences.
  • ON24’s Engagement Tools helped to enhance audience experiences, providing attendees with the ability to ask questions and directly connect with sales.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • With ON24 Elite, Arctic Wolf doubled its conversion rates from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads.
  • Since pivoting its in-person field events to digital, Arctic Wolf has tripled opportunities tied to digital experiences and overall pipeline without losing quality.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement


  • ON24 Webcast Elite
  • ON24 Connect
  • ON24 Virtual Conference
  • ON24 Engagement Hub

Increasing Revenue with On-Demand Digital Experiences

LexisNexis is a global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics.

Goal: To drive more engagement with audiences longer with enhanced
digital experiences.

Pain Point: LexisNexis needed to optimize its inbound lead generation.

“Using the same content repeatedly for our digital experiences is an easy way for us to generate thousands of leads with less work. ON24 enables us to run the same webinar each month and have it appear live.” Julia Dolinsky, Senior Marketing Specialist, LexisNexis

How LexisNexis used The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • To enhance its digital offerings, LexisNexis uses the ON24 Digital Experience Platform’s Engagement Tools to survey attendees, gather feedback and enhance future events.
  • With ON24’s on-demand capabilities, LexisNexis can easily provide busy attendees with access to content at their leisure.
  • With a dynamic mobile experience, LexisNexis can provide busy professionals, such as law enforcement and lawyers, with access to its content on-the-go.
  • With a flexible platform in place, LexisNexis could easily create and host a virtual version of its annual conference, the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Conference.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • With on-demand capabilities, LexisNexis re-ran its major events as simulive experiences, allowing on-demand attendees to enjoy the same experience as live audiences.
  • By enhancing its webinars with ON24, LexisNexis has seen an
    81% increase in total revenue generated from digital events.
  • LexisNexis grew its database by 50% from 40,000 leads
    to 60,000.
  • By moving its event online, LexisNexis saw Risk Solutions
    Conference garner a 57% conversion rate.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

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Doubling Audience Interest with a Virtual Summit

AlphaSense provides an AI-powered search engine to help financial firms and corporations more easily find the insights and information they need.

Goal: To move intimate, in-person meetings online while maintaining a
1:1 relationship with attendees.

Pain Point: AlphaSense’s marketing team had to shift its planned small inperson gatherings for 2020 online in short order.

“By moving the event online, we were able to increase registrations by an approximated 7,205% 20-person average dinner registration vs. 1,461 registrations for the virtual event and vastly expand our reach into new audiences we would have otherwise missed.” Christine Magee, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, AlphaSense

How AlphaSense used The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • Using the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, AlphaSense reimagined its small dinners into a three-day virtual summit.
  • With a new ability to scale, AlphaSense expanded its virtual event’s scope to include more industries and audiences.
  • With a unified platform, AlphaSense could easily provide attendees with high-value content before, during and after the event — and measure audience engagement at each touchpoint

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • In the days after AlphaSense’s three-day virtual summit, the company saw a 12% increase in the company’s free-trial program — before its sales team even began to follow up with attendees.
  • A week after the AlphaSense event, the company saw a 200% increase in pipeline — doubling its pipeline year-over-year.
  • With enhanced audience insights, the AlphaSense sales team had its best month ever and secured more meetings than ever before.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement


  • ON24 Webcast Elite

How an Eventful PopUp Magazine Drove High Satisfaction, Conversion Rates

Zendesk makes customer service better through a powerful software platform that meets customer needs and sets teams up for success.

Goal: To connect with clients and audiences anywhere on the globe
at any time.

Pain Point: Zendesk needed to provide high-quality digital experiences
to create opportunities for connection with its customers across the globe.

“A company like Zendesk who’s so big into customer experience, who’s all about providing great customer service, and a marriage with ON24, who likewise shares the same value and provides those. That’s a perfect partnership.” Hope Villaluna, Senior Manager, Zendesk

How Zendesk uses The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • Zendesk used the ON24 Digital Experience Platform to produce an intimate, fun Pop-Up Magazine experience for target audiences.
  • With interactive quizzes, eye-popping visualizations and gift baskets, Zendesk brought its brand into its customers’ homes — then brought them together to discuss the “digital tipping point” and how teams can create human experiences
    in digital worlds .
  • Zendesk provided attendees with a recording of the experience to share with peers.
  • With ON24’s multilingual capabilities, Zendesk has also created engaging experiences for global audiences through closed captioning and localization.
  • With powerful Engagement Tools, Zendesk empowered its audiences to interact with the brand through Q&A, polls, surveys and contact us email forms.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • Zendesk’s Pop-Up Magazine event generated a 51% conversion rate and connected with new prospects.
  • By bringing its experience into its audiences’ homes through bespoke packages, Zendesk drove high marks from attendees who’ve since raved about the event.
  • With its ability to easily scale and re-run content, Zendesk now produces a quarterly webinar series for its EMEA, APAC and Americas audiences.
  • Thanks to ON24’s unique engagement tools and ability to scale globally, Zendesk now sees a 45% attendance rate to its live webinars.
  • With the ability to identify and segment return attendees, Zendesk can easily accelerate engaged audiences and drive brand loyalty.

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on EngagementFeaturing:

  • ON24 Webcast Elite
  • ON24 Engagement Hub
  • ON24 Virtual Conference

How SAP Used Virtual Poolside Chats to Generate $25 Million in Pipeline

SAP Concur helps companies simplify spend management so companies can focus on driving revenue.

Goal: To build genuine human engagement in highly regulated industries with digital experiences.

Pain Point: SAP needed to create a fun, light but informative summer campaign targeting three key verticals within regulated industries — Federal, Aerospace and Defense, and SLED (State, Local and Education) — using digital experiences

“We took full advantage of the ON24 Platform. We employed polls where appropriate to drive engagement. The banter between our speakers was real and authentic. As a result,
most attendees stayed to the end of the session. Many signed up for additional sessions in our resource center.” Ann Morgan, Marketing Director, SAP

How SAP Uses The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • To make the subject of data analytics fun and approachable, SAP designed its webinar consoles with a themed design.
  • SAP produced a short, minute-long promotional video to drive interest in its events and registration.
  • To drive engagement and build a better understanding of its audiences’ digital body language, SAP took full use of ON24 Engagement Tools like Q&A, Polls, Survey and more.
  • With all webinars recorded, SAP could easily export its recordings and repurpose them to create additional collateral like podcasts.
  • Using ON24 Engagement Hub, SAP made it easy for attendees and prospects to review, filter and access on-demand resources like e-books, webinars and more.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • With an easy-to-use set up — including a short promotional video — SAP saw an 80% conversion rate on its ON24 registration pages.
  • With on-demand resources easily accessible, SAP provided its audiences with easy-to-access and on demand while meeting compliance requirements.
  • Armed with the latest engagement data, SAP’s sales team could easily reach out, engage and drive success with engaged attendees.
  • All told, SAP’s use of ON24 in its campaign has driven a $14 million return on investment.
  • SAP used its webinar program to engage and active both dormant and net new prospects, ultimately netting an additional $25 million in pipeline.

Zoetis logoCompanies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

Companies Maximise Their Return on Engagement

  • ON24 Webcast Elite

Tripling ROI

Zoetis is a lending provider of animal pharmaceuticals.

Goal: To leverage digital experiences as a channel to engage and operationalize its digital marketing efforts.

Pain Point: Veterinary professionals are busy and need powerful incentives
to attend virtual events — often through either accreditation or personalized experiences.

“We’ve been working with ON24 since last fall and the results are compelling. Webinars have demonstrated substantial ROI and created an environment for Zoetis to regularly
connect with people.” Ryan Dunn, Senior Marketing Manager, Zoetis

How Zoetis used The ON24 Digital Experience Platform:

  • With simulive and on-demand capabilities, Zoetis could easily pre-record events, meet compliance requirements and drive audience engagement.
  • With the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, Zoetis can incentivize veterinary professionals to attend its events with continuing medical education credits.
  • Zoetis uses ON24’s engagement scoring to help its sales team identify hot leads and accelerate the buying journey.

Return on Engagement with ON24:

  • With engaging digital experiences, Zoetis has increased the loyalty of its veterinarian customers.
  • Zoetis has tripled its initial return on investment with the ON24 Digital Experience Platform.
  • With enhanced engagement and analytics, Zoetis can now provide its sales team with all of the information they need to close the deal.

Taking your digital experiences forward

The examples featured in this guide show how digital experiences can help achieve a broad number of goals, from powering key marketing campaigns to taking an entire
industry conference online.

Experiences like webinars enable organizations of all types to maintain and strengthen engagement with key audiences. However, data show audiences have, for a long time,
expressed a preference for digital channels.

Every passing year, figures from ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks Report show professionals have turned to digital experiences in increasing numbers. Similar research by SiriusDecisions consistently finds that webinars are the top-rated channel
for engagement and demand.

It should be no surprise, then, that the difference between companies will increasingly be determined by the quality of their digital experiences.

As you reflect on the examples in this guide, pause to ask how your organization will take the next steps on its digital journey. Whether you’re yet to run webinars or are already seeing great results, there is always room to improve the experience and the results you see.

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