DAM Platform Uses AI to Streamline Content Creation and Discovery

The growth of AI has led to its adoption in a range of marketing and sales technology, bringing with it the potential to make existing tools more powerful and effective. 

One such example is the Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, which many organisations are using as a central hub for managing content assets. 

DAMs store key content assets and related metadata and facilitate a systematic approach to efficiently storing, organising, managing, retrieving, and distributing a company’s digital assets. 

Generative AI has impacted many areas of content creation, increasing efficiency, speeding up processes, and improving productivity, and DAM platforms are now beginning to adopt the full breadth of AI functionality, increasing the efficiency of asset discovery, security and governance. 

One organisation introducing AI into its DAM platform is Aprimo, and its new Aprimo AI includes embedded intelligence that addresses a number of common challenges:

  • Accelerated content creation. Customisable generative AI actions, such as an AI content coach, smart image transformation and cropping, video summary creation, and quick creation of on-brand variants of metadata fields can speed up content creation processes. 
  • Automated asset management. Automated tagging makes storage and discovery of key assets easier, and reduces errors. 
  • Improved asset discoverability. AI-driven search enables more speedy and accurate content discovery. 

  • Scalable governance, safety and compliance. Aprimo AI ensures complete brand safety by automatically detecting AI-generated content and triggering an automated review workflow, leveraging AI to review content for compliance. 

According to Shauna Lallatin, Digital Asset Coordinator, Plaid Enterprises:

"Aprimo’s AI increases the searchability of all our assets. The system reads product labels in images, PDF, and other Office documents and adds this to metadata so that a single search pulls up all related information. Our assets are quickly findable and available to everyone as soon as they are uploaded.”