Who Were Steven Bartlett’s Favourite Guests on Diary of a CEO?

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Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast has been incredibly successful, with more than 5m downloads since it was launched. 

Guests include a mixture of celebrities and business leaders, with Grace Beverley, Mary Portas, Rio Ferdinand and Ant Middleton. 

During yesterday's #MarTechFest Dial Up, we asked Steven who his favourite guests were from all the episodes he's produced. 

He gave us two names, Mo Gawdat and Jordan Peterson.

Mo Gawdat worked in tech for 30 years, much of that time as Chief Business Officer at Google [X}, the tech giant's innovation factory. Since then, his primary activity has been research into the topic of happiness. 

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, but perhaps more famously, an author and social media personality, as well as a controversial figure for many. 

Mo's story is an inspirational one. Having tragically lost his son, Ali, he poured his time and energy into the mission to help one billion people become happier. 

As Steven explained, Mo sees unhappiness as what happens when our expectations go unmet: 

"Here in the Western world, I can have a Lamborghini, I can have every everything. And yet...I'm pissed off, I'm unhappy when my Michelin starred steak arrives comes rare instead of medium rare. You can still be as angry as someone that has nothing. It's all about your expectations going unmet.

So if you want to be happy, you have to work on keeping your expectations in a much healthier place, and practicing as much gratitude for what you have as you can and it's really profound because it's so true."

Steven's Diary of a CEO with Jordan Peterson is yet to be released, but Steven gives us a preview in this video clip: 


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