Who is Pam Didner?

"Who is Pam Didner?" I hear you ask. Well, I'm sure you already know she's a pretty big deal. From ABM to content, to sales enablement, Pam is the go-to for anything exciting within our industry.

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So, who exactly is ABM, Content & Sales Enablement International Thought Leader, best-selling author, consultant & renowned speaker, Pam Didner? Apart from all those things, of course. 

And apart from our keynote speaker at our September AntiConLX DialUp, too! Pam will join us for an AMA, where she will dive into The Great ABM (R)evolution , from ABM to account-based everything; marketing, sales, experience and growth. But back to our scheduled programming. 

In case you're not already familiar with the marketing legend that is Pam, here are just a handful of credentials she's got under her belt:

💼 Founder & VP of Marketing at Relentless Pursuit

📚 Author of Effective Sales Enablement, Global Content Marketing, The Modern AI Marketer

🎤 Speaker specialising in business growth, digital trends, & sales/marketing alignment (including at this October's AntiConLX Global, get your tickets here!)

🎙️ Host of the B2B Marketing and More podcast

But let's delve deeper into the world of Pam. As we've mentioned, Pam is a marketing consultant, writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of three damn good books: Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the Modern AI Marketer.

She previously worked at Intel for 20 years, but recently she has left the traditional content world. 

This change led to her giving workshops all around the U.S, Europe, South America, and Asia on future trends, content marketing, and sales enablement. 

But it's not just all talk. She is strategic in nature and tactical in execution. On top of keynote presentations, corporate training, and planning sessions, she also is a coach.

Pam trains, coaches, and provides strategic guidance on sales enablement, account-based marketing, and sales and marketing integration for enterprise and technology companies. Her clients include Intel, 3M, Sunstar, Cisco, TE Connectivity, Southwest Airlines and even more. 

On top of this, she manages to find time to contribute high-quality articles to big-name publishers. She shares her marketing insights with readers of the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Content Marketing Institute, and other publications. 

When asked how she nets these clients, Pam said:

Primarily, I practice what I preach.

I create content myself, syndicate my content to a number of different social media channels, and optimise my website so searchers will find it. I also do speaking and training, which helps people understand what I can do for them when we work together.

I create an editorial plan to be intentional about the content I put out there and how it is structured and scheduled. I also make targeted cold calls to prospects I have researched and identified as ideal customers for what I do. Sometimes I get referrals and word of mouth from other clients I have worked with or others who are aware of what I do.

When she's not providing insights about the digital age, content marketing, sales and marketing and ABM, she's dedicated to her weekly yoga practice. She's even been known to spin around the dancefloor, upping her ballroom dancing tango skills. 

Pam's first book, Global Content Marketing, named one of The Top 10 Marketing Books by Inc Magazine, offers an accessible, comprehensive framework to scale content at the global level.

Her second book, Effective Sales Enablement, provides unconventional insights into how marketing and sales can better work together around strategy alignment, data-driven marketing campaigns, account-based marketing and hitting revenue targets.

Her third publication, The Modern AI Marketer, delves deep into the past, present, and future of AI and its application in modern marketing. 

Before the digital age, people tended to get their information through print or through salespeople who shared their expertise directly.

Now, so much information is available through mobile phones and computers that knowledge sharing and distribution have been greatly accelerated.

Today, salespeople are more in the position of reacting to each person’s level of knowledge rather than providing all the knowledge themselves.

-Pam Didner

Not enough Pam for you? Want to see her live and in-person? Well, come down to AntiConLX Global this October, and get all the insights straight from the source. Get your tickets, here!