Who is Travis Wright?

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Travis Wright is a trainer, columnist and self-confessed martech nerd. Travis helps his clients improve their marketing practices and align sales. He co-authored a bestselling book, Digital Sense to help companies market more effectively in the 21st century.  

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Why we love him

Travis is a self-confessed nerd, smart ass and an über “Bullshittapotomus”. He is enthusiastic about what he does and does it with flair. He is a problem solver, a shit-figure-outer and a digital badass.


    • Built first website within the first 48 hours of ever being on a computer
    • Worked at Sprint throughout College
    • Right out of college joined GTE Yellow Pages
    • Over past 15 years has ran own agency, marketing 100 business websites
    • Developed own custom SEO and Social Media training courses through Planet Ocean and Search Engine News
    • Cofounder & CMO of Digital, a Kansas City & SF-based digital ad & content agency
    • Speaks at industry conferences such as: SMX, ad:tech, Search Engine Strategies, SXSW, Social Media Strategies Summit

Fun facts

  • Travis a former stand-up comedian, first getting into website building as a way to promote his career
  • Travis is a fan of American football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. The team once blocked him on social media after he posted a negative tweet, resulting in a social hoopla that he- in part- instigated
  • Travis joined us for Marketing & Tech Book Club alongside co-author Chris J Snook, to chat about their book, Digital Sense

Where to find out more

    • Bad Crypto Podcast: co-hosts with Joel Comm
    • Traviswright.com: professional website with industry/social updates and anecdotes
    • Don’t forget to read Travis and Chris J Snook’s book, Digital Sense: The Common Sense Approach to Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technologies, Customer Experience and Emerging Technologies.

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