Top 5 Ways to F&#k Up Your Salestech

Here are our top 5 ways to well and truly f&#ck up your salestech... (12)

1. Throw all your time and budget into the tech - forget about people and processes

See your new salestech as your new sales team. So it might not laugh at your jokes, join the office zoom beer call or pretend to be interested in what your toddler said last night, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t manage your data. And what more could you ask for?

Throw the words ‘assist’ and ‘enable’ out the window, make your salestech 100% accountable for bringing in the big bucks and getting clients across the finish line. People and processes are overrated. What customer wants to speak to a real person anymore anyway? Human interaction is so 2019…

2. Automate, automate and automate some more

Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how many emails, texts and calls you’ll get out the door if you make them all the same message. It’s called efficiency. And people are always complaining that their inboxes are too empty these days, right? 

Batch and blast those emails, spray and pray those LinkedIn connections and smash and bash those Twitter posts. Personalisation is overrated. Why let them know you’ve researched them and their company? In fact, why waste your time researching at all? Like you’re going to tell them something they don’t already know. They know their own companies name, don’t they?

If there’s one key rule to stick to here, it’s quantity over quality.

3. Think sales tech tools NOT sales tech stack

Found a shiny new salestech tool? Like a kid on Christmas day, rip that baby open and just get playing.

How does it fit with the rest of the sales tech stack? Who knows, who cares. Is the rest of the sales tech tool kit connected? Probably not, but that surely won't impact much. You can just bounce from one tool to another with no worry of how your data pushes and pulls, how laborious your processes might become and how disjoined your communications with a prospect might be. Aaah, the simple life. 

4. Don’t document & forget the end users

When implementing a new tool don’t ever involve the people that will actually use it. Why bother? Sure they will be the end users day to day, but you know tech so you know best.

Implemented a new tool? Job done. You can walk away with your head held high and wash your hands of all future responsibility. More users need to understand the tool and replicate the set up you put in place? Pssh. They will workout it out... or they can just ask you endless questions rather than have any real repeatable process. Same thing, right?

5. Think Martech Vs. Salestech

So martech and salestech might be cut from the same cloth, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on the same team. A little healthy sibling rivalry never hurt anyone.

Keep the teams, planning, processes, and tech separated. Don’t let your secrets spill over to the other side, it’s you vs. them. Forget boosting the overall business performance, just focus on your team’s results. There can only be one winner.

There you have it. By blindly following the tech, automating EVERYTHING, isolating your solutions, refusing to document and involve the doers and rivalling against marketers and their tech you’ll well and truly f&#k your salestech in no time.

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