How to Host a Successful Webinar

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You may have missed it, but in partnership with the lovely ON24, The MarTech Alliance held a wonderful webinar on, well, on webinars, of all things…

That may sound a little weird to some, since it seems like that meme where the guy is pouring water over his head while he’s in a swimming pool, but it actually makes perfect sense. Trust me.

Here are All the Reasons Swimmers Pour Water on Themselves - SwimmerPro

Essentially, anyone can run and host a webinar – it’s pretty easy and you just need some half-decent software and some sort of audience – but running an actually good, successful and engaging webinar is something people and companies don't always pull off.

For far too long, people have assumed that just letting some guy go off on one for an hour is conducive to good and informative content, but it’s far from that. Listening to a CEO or CFO or any acronym beginning with a C drone on about how they got to where they were and how you can do that now (even though things are totally different 30 years since they were in your position) is a sure fire way to have your audience drift off and not pay attention.

With that, it’s now more important than ever to know how to host a GOOD webinar, especially as it looks like things are going to continue moving to the virtual world even after the pandemic drifts away from the public consciousness.

Over here at The MarTech Alliance, we like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping people out and teaching the ins and outs of martech… I mean that’s more or less why we exist. It’s because of that, that we held a webinar with Mark Bornstein, the VP of content marketing at ON24 and, in his own words, chief 'webinerd'. The man loves a webinar.

You can watch the webinar with Mark Bornstein on demand right here!

In his talk, Bornstein went into great detail on how to make a webinar engaging and effective, including points such as making them interactive, making sure they’re publicised and subsequently held at specific times that work best for your audience, not worrying about the specific lengths of the webinars and so, so much more.

The advice and tips that Bornstein shared were ones that have been tried and tested over his 20 years in content marketing, corporate communications, and account management, including working at Cisco, GE Access, and Compatible Systems.

You absolutely need to watch what Mark had to say, and you can do it absolutely free right here!