How to Drive Real Reputation, Relationship, Revenues (Spoiler: It's much more the tech)

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The three R's. Four, if you include the word "real". Should you include the word "real"? Honestly I don't know.

It's often said that the most powerful form of advertising is through word of mouth. Whether or not that's actually true is yet to be substantiated, but it's fair to say that it absolutely couldn't hurt to increase one's reputation, relationships and revenues.

How though? How do you do this thing that everyone wants to do but so rarely achieves?

Global Head of Account Based Marketing at Fujitsu - Andrea Clatworthy - knows how and will be teaching you how to in her Account-Based Marketing talk at our MarTechFest Dial Up!

As you probably worked out by reading the headline, it's not all about the tech - in fact it's so much more - and Clatworthy intends to walk you through each and every step in order to help with you ABM.

You can watch this and so much more by signing up for the #MarTechFest Dial Up (FOR FREE, I MIGHT ADD) and be there from the 19th to the 25th of April. 

You really should sign up for our lovely - again free - #MarTechFest Dial Up!!!!!! It's really good and you'll hear about all other sorts there too.


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