New at ON24: Hybrid Mode, Live Content in Engagement Hub and More!

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Discover new ON24 platform features.

At ON24, we’re constantly working to provide you with the best digital engagement platform possible. The result? Better digital experiences for your audience and better insights for you.

Our latest platform-wide release includes exciting new functionality and enhancements. These range from Hybrid Engagement, ON24 Breakouts for ON24 Virtual Conference to live webinars support in ON24 Engagement Hub.

This month’s release also makes it easier for you to scale your marketing programs with recurring webinars, as well as improvements to the Prospect Engagement Profile that give you a holistic view of a prospect or customer’s entire journey.


Discover how you can set up Hybrid Mode from directly within the ON24 platform.

The world is changing, and ON24 Webcast Elite is paving the way to enable all your program needs. The all-new Hybrid Mode allows users to increase engagement with their in-person events, creating a seamless experience for virtual and live attendees.

Physical attendees have easy access to the webinar console experience by scanning a QR code with their mobile device and selecting “At the Venue.”

Once they complete registration, they will receive the typical ON24 audience experience, only without the media player, enabling them to participate in polls and surveys, network on group chat, download related resources and more.

To set up a Hybrid webcast, users simply check a Hybrid mode checkbox in the registration setup page.

ON24 Breakouts Now In ON24 Virtual Conference

Incorporate Breakouts with ON24 Virtual Conference.

You know all about ON24 Breakouts in Webcast Elite, and we’re excited to bring that same two-way video and audio experience to your next virtual conference or event.

Breakouts in VC allow you to engage audiences through peer networking, one-to-one sales meetings, group Q&A sessions and more.

Breakouts integrate with ON24 Intelligence, allowing you to track every interaction across your virtual events.

This data is then folded into your Prospect Engagement Profiles, giving you a better understanding of a prospect or customer’s entire journey.

For more on Breakouts in Virtual Conference, check out our Product Innovation Webinar.


Add live Webinars directly into your Engagement Hubs.

We’re evolving Engagement Hub to meet your new challenges and needs. You can now host both on-demand and live content, directly in your Engagement Hub, to ensure that your best webinars, videos, and on-demand content are seen in one place.

Live content in the Engagement Hub will lead to more robust buyer journeys by making all of your best live and on-demand content accessible from one central destination.

What does this mean for your marketing organization? Here are three ways to think about it:

1) Product marketers can supplement live product launch experiences with on-demand content.

2) Partner marketers, too, can create scalable education programs that increase knowledge among partners, agents, resellers, and more.

3) Demand Gen marketers can also drive more qualified leads by creating a central library of all their best content that enables self-educated buyers.


Make it easy to scale your webinar series with the ON24 platform.

We’re also making it easier for marketers to scale recurring programs. You can now set simulive webinars to recur on a set schedule, making it more efficient than ever to run daily, weekly, or monthly demos and campaigns.

Setting up a recurring webinar series makes it easier for marketers to extend their reach to multiple audiences, spanning across different geographies and timezones.

We’ve also continued our work on scaling the personalization of your marketing programs. Earlier this year, we released Dynamic Content in the Engagement Hub, powered by the ON24 AI Engine. With this release, we’re giving you even more control over the Hero content in your Hub.

Users can now select up to five pieces of content to surface to audiences. Once an audience member registers or views one piece of content, the next one is served.

Content can also be reordered, removed, or added at any time, giving you more control over defining the different paths of your audience’s journey.

For a full rundown of everything included in this release, check out last week’s Product Innovation Webinar!