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💰 Insider Announces $121 million Series D round 💰 Typeform Secures $135 Million in Series C Funding 💰 Capital D Leads Investment in Phrasee 💰 Raises $110 Million✍️ Sendinblue Acquires MeetFox ⚙️ Vurvey Launches Vurvey QR ✍️ Dixa Acquires Miuros, and Solvemate 👥 Acxiom Integrates With Sitecore’s CDP ✍️ iSpot Buys Tunity 💰 Atlan Raises $50 Million

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B2B SaaS Platform Insider Announces $121 million Series D round

B2B SaaS Unicorn Insider, a company which specialises in personalised cross-channel experiences, has announced it has raised $121M in a Series D.

The round was led by QIA, and gives the company a current valuation of $1.22B. Other investors participating in the round include Sequoia, Riverwood Capital, 212, Wamda Capital, Esas Private Equity, and Endeavor Catalyst.

Typeform Secures $135 Million in Series C Funding

Typeform, a conversation interaction platform, has announced it has raised $135M in its recent Series C funding round, led by Sofina. This round brings the companies total investment to more than $187M.

"Stay tuned: you’ll be seeing a lot from Emplifi over the next year," CEO Mark Zablan said.

"We have an aggressive product roadmap and with the backing we have from both Audax and Sixth Street, we will be focused on execution and delivering value to our customers."

Capital D Leads Investment in Phrasee

Capital D, a private equity fund manager investing in disruptive mid-market businesses across Europe, has announced it acquired a majority stake in Phrasee. 

Investment Funds, managed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, with a group formed by Keyhaven Capital Partners and family offices co-invested. 

The capital D consortium have acquired a 64% stake in Phrasee, with the founders and management holding the remainder. As a result, the consortium will partner with Parry Malm, Vic Peppiatt, and Neil Yager, Phrasee's founders, to support the company on the next phrase of its growth journey. 

Emplifi Announces $1B investment

Emplifi, a company which provides customer experience software solutions, has announced a $1B investment from Sixth Street Growth and LionTree Merchant Bank. 

Capital D Acquires Majority Stake in Phrasee

Capital D, a private equity fund manager, has acquired a majority stake in Phrasee, an AI-powered SaaS platform. Investment Funds, together with a group formed by Keyhaven Capital Partners, co-invested alongside Capital D. 

The Capital D consortium have acquired a 64% stake in the company, with the founders and management holding the remainder. Raises $110 Million, a sales intelligence and engagement platform, has closed a $110M Series C funding round, led by Sequoia Capital.

With the funding, plans to accelerate its product-led growth and increase its investment in product and engineering by nearly 300%. 

Sendinblue Acquires MeetFox

Sendinblue, a digital marketing provider, has acquired MeetFox, a video conferencing and scheduling solution. 

"This acquisition allows different teams to collaborate and benefit from a fresh infusion of new ideas and perspectives on how to further improve our business for SMBs," Steffen Schebesta, CEO North America & VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue told CMSWire.

"At Sendinblue, we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re a global company with 500+ employees representing over 67 nationalities."

Vurvey Launches Vurvey QR

Vurvey, a provider of a co-creation platform, has announced the launch of Vurvey QR, a tool that streamlines the adding of QR code to physical and digital items. 

“Vurvey QR enables companies to connect with consumers in an entirely new way and it makes it easy to place QR codes on product packaging, instantly turning any product into an opportunity for customer feedback,” said Chad Reynolds, founder and CEO of Vurvey.

“Largely driven by the pandemic, QR code use has soared in recent years and has been widely adopted by consumers due to its ability to enhance shopping experiences. We’ve also found QR codes make it significantly easier for customers to provide reviews and feedback.”

Dixa Acquires Miuros, and Solvemate

Danish customer engagement platform Dixa has acquired analytics company Miuros, and automation business Solvemate, in a double-acquisition valued at $43M. 

The merger of the two companies also completes Dixa’s new service offering of a bespoke messaging product, scheduled for launch in March 2022.

Acxiom Integrates With Sitecore’s CDP

Acxiom, a customer intellignece company, has announced that Acxiom Real Identity is now integrated with Sitecore's CDP. 

“Every brand needs to accept the reality of a cookieless world and start treating their first-party data as a strategic asset,” said David Skinner, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom.

“This partnership with Sitecore will be crucial in helping our customers operate in this new environment, where leading brands will compete based on the quality of the insights from their first-party data.”

iSpot Buys Tunity, a measurement company, has announced its acquisition of Tunity, an app that helps users watch TV in public spaces through mobile streaming. 

“We want to account for all viewing across all screens,” says Sean Muller, iSpot’s founder and CEO, in an interview. The Tunity acquisition, he says, could be “powerful, both for our advertising clients who invest heavily in tentpole events and programs that are consumed outside the home and for our media partners.”

Atlan Raises $50 Million

Atlan, which creates a unified discovery and collaboration experience, has announced it has raised a $50M Series B round, at a $450M valuation, led by Salesforce Ventures, Insight Partners, and Sequoia Capital India.

Drift Launches Conversation Cloud

Conversational marketing and sales company Drift, has announced its new Conversation Cloud. This new tool enables enterprises to deliver personalised, relevant, and timely experiences at all phases of the customer journey. 

"Powered by Drift Conversational AI, the Drift Conversation Cloud lets businesses engage with buyers in a personalized way at every stage — from researching to chatting with sales to post-sales support." said Leo Tenenblat, Chief Product Officer at Drift in an interview. 

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