MarTech News: Round-Up 12/05/23

This Week in Martech: ⚙️ Microsoft Offers API For Ads Within AI-Powered Chat👥 Dialpad Partners With Google Cloud💰 Nomba Raises $30M,💰 Ascend Raises $25 Million...and more!

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Microsoft Offers API For Ads Within AI-Powered Chat

According to Microsoft, the recently announced ads for chat API by Microsoft Advertising will enable online services, publishers, and apps to deliver advertisements via chat.

With the new Chat API, apps and websites will have the flexibility to customise their chat experience, select the most suitable ad formats, and incorporate relevant advertisements to cater to their audiences.

Dialpad Partners With Google Cloud

Dialpad, Inc. specialises in providing AI-powered communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The company recently announced an extended strategic and joint go-to-market partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership aims to speed up the digital transformation process for businesses globally.

Dialpad, which originally stemmed from Google solutions such as Google Voice, has become an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner for Google Cloud. As a result, Dialpad is now offering unified communications and contact centre solutions on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Nomba Raises $30M

Nomba, a Nigerian payment service provider, has secured $30 million in pre-Series B funding to aid the provision of tailored payment solutions for African enterprises.

The investment round was spearheaded by Base 10 Partners, based in San Francisco, and values the company at over $150 million according to YCombinator's data on top-performing firms.

Ascend Raises $25 Million

Seattle-based company Ascend, which operates in the artificial intelligence industry, recently concluded its second round of funding, securing $25 million.

The firm plans to utilise the raised capital to support the growth of startups specialising in artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning.

Z1 Raises $10.8M

Z1, a digital banking application designed for teenagers and young adults, has secured funding of $10.8 million. The app offers a prepaid card that is linked to the user's account, allowing them to start managing and spending their money while on the path to financial independence.

Additionally, users can receive payments from their small businesses or jobs through the Z1 app.

Bigcommerce Announces Partnership with Oracle Netsuite

BigCommerce, an open SaaS e-commerce platform, has formed a partnership with Oracle NetSuite.

The collaboration has resulted in the creation of a NetSuite-provided integration that links BigCommerce to NetSuite's business system.

This integration enables merchants to simplify and automate financial, inventory, and order management processes.

MetaRouter Has Partnered With Lytics

MetaRouter has partnered with Lytics to provide customer data enrichment for Lytics users.

Through its partnership with Lytics, MetaRouter is now offering customer data enrichment services to Lytics users. With both platforms operating natively in the Google Cloud Platform, this integration enables our customers to achieve quicker time-to-value. By leveraging MetaRouter's capabilities, users of customer data platforms (CDPs) can increase their total addressable customers by up to 70%

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