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The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Is Amazon About to Acquire Hubspot?

Amazon is reported to have an interest in the acquisition of Hubspot, with reports that one of the Amazon Web Services teams have recommended the move. 

A report from Business Insider suggests a deal worth $38 - $40 billion to purchase Hubspot was pitched internally by the AWS Pinpoint team. 

This team behind the AWS marketing service Pinpoint suggested the acquisition of a rival, namely Hubspot to 'truly go big on marketing cloud', as it believed its own solutions were too difficult to use. 

CRM platform Hubspot currently serves more than 128,000 customers, with a presence in 120 countries worldwide. Earlier this year, it announced it had reached the milestone of $1 billion in annual recurring revenue. 

Hubspot's share price rose by 2% in response to the news of this potential acquisition.