How to F*ck up Your Next Marketing Technology Procurement Project

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When you’re looking to drop some serious martech dolla, there’s nothing worse than a poorly defined procurement project to send those pennies rolling straight down the drain.

There’s a little more to it than just signing on the dotted line, so we’ve rounded up our top 5 ways to guarantee a f*cked up marketing technology procurement project…


1.   Play the Guessing Game with your Vendor

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… tech. And that should do it. There’s nothing your vendor loves more than trying to work out what kind of solution you’re looking for. Don’t spoil the game by spelling out your goals. Whether that be a SCV or a perfectly integrated system, your vendor loves being kept on their toes and quite frankly, the answer should be perfectly obvious by the twinkle in your eye.


2.   Don’t Document 

Don’t waste a drop of ink documenting your vendors proposals. While you’ll be speaking to several vendors about a range of solutions, there’s no need to write them all down. Think of the trees (and precious laptop battery.)

Score cards and documentation may enable you to clearly weigh up your options and keep track, but no one likes to lose, so put your vendors feelings first. After all, it’s the taking part that counts.


3.   Forget the Strategy – Just Shop Shiny 

Like a magpie on a mission, just follow the glimmer of light. Shop for the coolest, shiniest, techiest solution going to guarantee envy rates are keepin it 100.

You can throw your strategy and goals out the window, they’re only going to slow you down. The quicker you buy, the sooner you can try. Strategy alignment is overrated anyway.


4.   Only Look at the Cost of License 

Pay attention to one cost and one cost only. The one on the label. That’s why it’s there. The cost of people and integration don’t need to be considered here, ain’t nobody got time for that kinda maths.


5.   Base your Final Decision on Making TFFL (Tech Friends For Life) 

Throughout your procurement process, you’ll likely meet a whole range of different vendors. Some friendly, some fun and some just darn well fantastic, all looking to test the water and see if the connection is meant to be. Play your cards right and you could walk away with a brand new TFFL (Tech Friend For Life). The tech just comes as a bonus.

And there you have it. Follow these 5 simple steps for a guaranteed f*cked up marketing procurement project you’ll wish you never started.