How Gen AI is Being Used to Improve Sales Productivity

The adoption of AI within sales enablement has accelerated over the past 12 months, with a wide range of uses to assist sales teams. A key strand of this growth is generative AI, which can help sales teams in areas such as content and personalisation. 

Sales enablement is a strategic function that provides sales teams with the necessary tools, resources, training, and information to improve sales performance, and enable organisations to adapt to modern ways of selling. 

One example of this is MindTickle's generative AI assistant Copilot, which offers new capabilities around training and content management. 

AI-powered features include just-in-time enablement, which delivers key information in areas such as product features and pricing to sales teams at the point where they need it. 

Guided program creation powered by AI can assist in the development and management of structured sales training and coaching programs, enabling more relevant training tailored to the teams' needs. 

CHAMP and MEDDPICC scores for calls use these qualification frameworks to ensure consistency of sales processes, and to identify opportunities for coaching and training. 

These features are an example of an expansion of generative AI in sales, with other uses including the ability to tailor personalised sales content and messages around user behaviour, content recommendations for sales teams, and the use of chatbots for routine customer inquiries. 

These advancements in Gen AI have the potential to boost sales productivity and performance, and can allow sales professionals to focus on their clients.

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