DraftKings bet on Bynder to scale content experiences

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DraftKings bet on Bynder to scale content experiences

As the only US-based, vertically integrated sports betting operator, DraftKings believes that life’s more alive with skin in the game and is committed to responsibly creating the world’s favourite games and experiences.


DraftKings depends on a multichannel marketing approach to appeal to an avid fanbase of global sports enthusiasts – particularly on mobile. Their services include daily fantasy sports, sports betting, iGaming, and an NFT marketplace – regularly partnering with the world’s most iconic sports institutions.


As DraftKings looked to scale, managing marketing assets in Google Drive was becoming increasingly chaotic, and not search-friendly, and they simply didn’t have the control they needed over who was using valuable brand assets. With so many different channels and partners involved in their marketing strategy, they also needed a better way to centralize and communicate the DraftKings brand guidelines.


Bynder’s DAM suite and built-in Brand Guidelines module provided a single source of truth for DraftKings’ diverse range of finished marketing assets – tagged with relevant metadata to ensure quick and easy searching. By customizing user access rights to files, they have full control over how sensitive brand assets are seen and used. 


DraftKings and its in-house agencies were growing fast. It was vital that their multichannel approach was coupled with a consistent brand identity – especially when collaborating with a diverse network of globally-renowned sports partners to promote the brand.

In a nutshell, DraftKings needed a solution that could:

  • Enable tagging of brand assets with relevant metadata to ensure quick, intuitive searching and better visibility of campaigns and creative assets to the company at large.
  • Customise access and user rights for different stakeholders, providing more brand security, and less risk of the wrong assets being used or published.
  • Provide a dynamic digital home for their brand guidelines, reflecting their most up-to-date brand identity that’s easily shareable with their global network of agencies and partners.


Bynder’s digital asset management solution is the central location for DraftKings’ public-facing creative content and campaign assets, ready to be distributed across its dynamic partner network and diverse mix of marketing channels.

With built-in Brand Guidelines that are visually representative, quickly shareable, and easy to update, DraftKings can ensure both internal colleagues and external partners are always representing the brand accurately.

Finding a digital home for the DraftKings brand 

Whether it’s mobile ads for Sports Betting Markets or logo placements promoted by their major league sports partners, the DraftKings brand needs to be adaptable, yet consistently recognizable.

To enable their diverse mix of partners and multi-disciplinary internal team to understand and communicate consistent brand identity, DraftKings use Bynder’s Brand Guidelines as the digital home for all things branding.

This module provides a single source of truth for internal and external stakeholders to access and use the latest brand rules and assets. With this self-service approach, everyone plays by the same brand rulebook without constant supervision from the marketing team.

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