A Common Sense Approach to Creating Exceptional Customer Experience

digital transformation course with tom goodwin

Creating a decent - GOOD EVEN?! - customer experience is something that companies have been trying to find a short cut for ever since people realised that it was too much effort to email everyone individually until the end of time.

But short of implementing a system where every customer immediately talks to an employee when they have a question, how can you make the customer experience journey something that's not the thorn in the side of your company?

Even though I'm currently writing for a company called MarTech Alliance, the answer isn't adding endless martech solutions to your stack and if anything, that's a really bad idea.

Until relatively recently, Tom Goodwin was the Head of Innovation for Zenith Media and now works full time at the company he co-founded, All We Have Is Now, who are described as "An insurgent innovation and transformation consultancy" company.

In his many years of high-profile work and consultancy, Goodwin has become the first and last word in CX and seems to genuinely loathe a lazy and poor implemented Customer Journey. 


So yeah it's fair to say that Tom knows a thing or two and wants to teach you who to make an exceptional customer experience, via our lovely #MarTech Fest Dial Up. Tom Goodwin will be one of our wonderful keynote speakers, and will be covering how "Martech won’t solve your shit CX journey design - A common sense approach to creating exceptional customer experience".

You can watch this and so much more by signing up for  #MarTechFest Dial Up (FOR FREE, I MIGHT ADD) and be there from the 19th to the 25th of April. 

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