Customer Spotlight: How Bynder Helps Klarna Accelerate Growth with Smooth, Consistent Branding

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Customer Spotlight: How Bynder helps Klarna accelerate growth with smooth, consistent branding

"Bynder provides a way to measure brand consistency"

Klarna is a fast-growing, disruptive payment solutions company with a mission to make the modern purchase experience simpler and smoother. By creating a flexible buying experience for consumers and making selling easier and safer for merchants, Klarna is taking the banking industry by storm and growing at a rapid pace.

Klarna’s marketing and branding strategy is key to creating competitive differentiation in a crowded marketplace, providing a brand consumers love and connect with. To stand out, Klarna places the brand at the forefront of all touchpoints and interactions with end-users and partners.

With 2,500 employees spread across 11 offices in Europe and North America, dozens of agency partners, and 130,000 merchants, Klarna needs to continue to move and grow quickly without sacrificing the brand value and identity they have built. This strong brand equity helps them connect with consumers beyond simply processing their transactions.

Marketing and brand is such a big part of our company strategy, so we need to make sure every touchpoint maintains a high standard. This focus creates awareness, engagement and brand affinity, giving us a competitive advantage.
Elin Svahn
Global Marketing Manager & Head of Brand Studio

Klarna has a distinctive organizational structure, with 280 individual teams across 18 markets, each focused on solving a specific problem. Teams need to work autonomously and quickly, like mini start-ups, in order to meet their goals and grow the Klarna brand and business.

This unique business model made it challenging to create and maintain brand consistency across activities happening in different teams, and with external partners and agencies in each market.

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What were Klarna looking to solve with Bynder?

With new updates to the brand underway and major global campaigns (like with rapper Snoop Dogg), the team needed a solution to help keep control of the Klarna brand identity. Providing easy, self-service access to all teams was the key to moving quickly to get these updates to market.

Ultimately, Klarna needed a DAM solution that could:

1) Enable intuitive and self-service access to brand assets, guidelines, and global campaign content

2) Empower the sharing of assets with external agencies and partners

3) Provide insight into what content is being used by what teams, markets, agencies, and partners

The mission for the brand studio is to create brand assets that are worthy of a world-famous brand. But, with 280 teams operating autonomously in Klarna, all with 8 people or more, there was a lot of people asking us for assets they couldn’t find themselves, taking time away from working on the brand. Now, we can point them to one place and in one direction.

Talking practically: How did Bynder help?

Given Klarna’s unique position in the market, Bynder has been set up in a way that enables their global teams to be as self-sufficient as possible—helping to drive brand consistency, strong brand positioning, and transparency on what assets are in circulation.

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Klarna’s bold branding and marketing has made a strong impression in the once stuffy payments industry. With the help of Bynder, Klarna can continue to grow their brand consistently, globally, and in a way that enables them to scale and move at a fast pace. Empowering internal teams, agencies, and partners to showcase the Klarna brand saves time and gives the peace of mind that Klarna will continue to shine.

Brand consistency across all markets

Having all brand assets and guidelines in one place and accessible across the globe means the Klarna brand is always positioned consistently across markets.

Moving fast with internal teams, partners, and agencies

A self-service, intuitive, and easily searchable solution enables all internal and external stakeholders to get relevant assets to market on time and on-brand.

With Bynder, we are able to make sure all teams and external stakeholders access the right things, instead of possibly outdated files in folders we didn’t have visibility into.

Data-driven decision making

Usage data like views, downloads, and shares provides visibility into who is using what assets, providing valuable information to make decisions. For example, what assets they should produce more or less of, or what needs more guidance for usage.