‘Black LUMAscape’ Highlights Black-Owned Martech Businesses

Investment bank, Luma Partners LLC has announced a black-owned media, marketing and technology landscape in contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement aiming to push for racial justice.



The release of the Black LUMAscape is an attentive response that aims to:

  1. Support the cause for equal access, visibility, and innovation from the Black community
  2. Enable and promote targeted economic benefit and
  3. Align with LUMA’s voice in the market

“On social media I was sort of supporting Black Lives Matter and the notion of justice, and making donations and things like that, but that felt insufficient,” stated Founder, Terence Kawaja. “This is such a critical issue and moment and a wrong that needs to be righted.”

The chart can be used as a point of reference for those companies looking to diversify their business dealings. LUMA have compiled a directory of the companies listed and website links in an online PDF which can be viewed and downloaded here.

“At a minimum it highlights the fact that there are many Black entrepreneurs and business owners out there,” - Terence Kawaja.

There is no doubt that more needs to be done to combat structural racism, and the recent police shootings of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and Jacob Blake have sparked outrage and protests across the globe.

At MarTech Alliance, we also believe that we have a part to play to support positive change and have a responsibility to contribute what we can to aid equal opportunities within the black community.

Last month we launched our Martech Diversity Scholarship in the hope that we can play a small role in supporting the career progression of senior, black marketing professionals. We hope that where a training or event budget isn't made available to a black marketer or technologist - we can help bridge that gap.  

The scholarship covers our marketing technology digital learning courses, online and in person events and our annual alliance membership globally. To find out more visit our application page here.