AntiConLX Global 2022 - How Nespresso Humanises the Digital Customer Experience

Digital has been taking a big part of customers’ life and interactions with their preferred brands.

Customers started to interact with digital channels more and more as they are looking for convenience, accessibility, high-quality and quantity of information about the services and products they want to purchase, yet they are seeking a personalised and human experience typical of offline channels.

At AntiConLX Global last week, Nespresso's Global Customer Experience & Innovation Manager Michaela Cocco presented a case study showing how the brand transformed its digital experience. 

This case study looked into: 

    • A real example of how Nespresso successfully transformed a transactional digital experience into a human digital experience through personalised & conversational experience.
    • How to find what customers are missing from your brand and to set up the winning strategy to tackle the experience gap.
    • What are the enablers and latest technologies Nespresso used to deliver a superior digital experience to their customers?