AntiConLX Global 2022 - Delivering Meaningful Engagement Using First Party Data

It’s a busy world out there. Even busier when audiences are being bombarded left, right and centre by countless brands, all competing for their attention. So, how can you make your marketing stand out from this noise?

Simple. Let them tell you what they want to hear using first party data!

By understanding and mastering the use of first party data, your sales and marketing activities can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your audiences, maximising its impact and allowing you to take a moment of their precious attention.

In this session from AntiConLX Global hosted by Andrew Warren-Payne from Market2Marketers, experts from ON24 and Demandbase will be sharing their experience-driven insights on key topics including:

  • Why using first party data can make a real difference in engaging your audiences.
  • How to align with sales and marketing on which first party data to focus on.
  • Tips and tricks to refine how you use first party data in your go-to-market strategies.