4 Marketing Roles Every CMO Needs in Their Team in 2022

Looking to build the ultimate A-team of marketing superheroes? With these 4 roles combined, you’ll unleash the ability to save civilians, catch criminals and fight crime all before breakfast... 


...Or at least get some killer campaigns that are sure to convert your target audience. Either way, when combined they can do some pretty cool stuff. 


Introducing our 4 marketing roles that every CMO needs in their team in 2020: The Data Scientist, Marketing Technologist, Marketing Operations Manager and the Content Marketer. 

Data scientist  


Your analytical, data expert. Data Scientists are problem solvers, they feast on both structured and unstructured sets of data as they analyse, process and interpret the results into actionable insights and plans for the company.  


They utilise their skills in technology and social science to marry IT and business, always on the lookout for patterns and trends that can boost a business’s bottom line.   

skills in their toolbox: 

  • Data Preparation: Collecting large quantities of raw data and translating it into digestible insights and patterns for the business 
  • Machine Learning: Staying up to date with artificial intelligence techniques based on mathematical algorithms and automation.  
  • Problem Solving: Solving business problems using data-driven techniques. 


Marketing Technologist
Where tech meets marketing. Marketing technologists manage the use of technology solutions in the name of great marketing. They've masterecreative marketing and customer experiences and use their technical knowledge to heighten marketing campaigns and user journey’s through the latest tech advances. 


Understanding the continuous change in consumer patterns, a marketing technologist is always on the lookout for new ways and systems to analyse and streamline data  

skills in their toolbox: 

  • Data & Analytical Understanding: Managing, measuring and utilising customer data to fuel digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Marketing Applications & Strategy: Understanding consumer behaviour and devising data-driven strategies to improve the customer journey and increase ROI. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the Marketing Landscape: A vast knowledge of the current and future marketing software solutions and implicating an integrated marketing stack. 


Marketing Operations Manager 

Where marketing meets sales. They’re charged with monitoring, measuring and analysing the effectiveness of marketing strategies and ensuring they align with the business’ goals.  


The Marketing Operations Manager thrives on the success of strategy, design, execution and operation of the business. They make projections about the quality of marketing and sales, and have a keen eye to spot efficiencies that will improve the company's performance as a whole. 

skills in their toolbox: 

  • Project Management: Prioritisation and close management to oversee all tasks and functions. The ability to multi-task, plan and strategise to ensure all project goals are met. 
  • Training and OnboardingDeveloping the skills and expertise of the team members in order to execute the business’ goals to the highest level. 
  • Analytical Reporting: Analysing marketing and sales data to create insights and make recommendations for optimisation. 


Content Marketer

The conversationalist. Whether it’s producing engaging copy, or beautiful creatives, the content marketer focuses on building a connection with the consumer on a human level and brings the brand to life. 


The content marketer seeks to engage the consumer through a variety of platforms from email, websitesocial media and more. 

Top skills in their toolbox: 

  • Content Creation: From copywriting and editing skills, to design knowledge and production abilities. 
  • Deep Understanding of Sales Funnel: The ability to align content and platforms with the various stages in the sales funnels, consisting of different stages in the customer journey. 
  • SEO Skills: Optimising content for search engines and key words potential consumers are likely to search for.