4 Brand Awareness Campaign Ideas for Your ABM Strategy

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What is brand awareness? It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people in the marketing world. But in the spirit of keeping things simple, we’ll boil it down to this definition:

Effectively placing your brand in front of your most important audiences, no matter where they are.

Simple in theory, but sometimes difficult to execute, especially when you consider all of the digital noise us marketers have to compete with today. But, if you can successfully get your brand in front of the right stakeholders within your top accounts, then what?

Well, you’ll need something important to say, promote, or drive action towards. 

So, if you’re looking for a starting point or struggling to find your next creative ABM campaign idea, keep reading!

Idea #1: Make A Good First Impression

It’s as simple as that. Use the right technology for targeting and then catch their attention with creative colour combos, photography, illustrative designs, or maybe a little animation. Oh, and make sure your logo and brand colours are included too so they become familiar with and/or recognize your brand. Spoiler alert: it might take more than one post or ad for this to happen. So be sure to utilize every channel available to you so you’ll have more opportunities to make a good first impression, then second impression…then eventually a revenue opportunity for your sales team.

Idea #2: Share Educational Content

Be helpful. Especially if you know your audience is interested in a particular topic, create content related to that topic and find a way to deliver it to them. They’ll love you for it, develop a sense of trust with your brand, and then look you up first when they’re ready to buy. Which types of content should you create and share? Think of educational resources like eBooks, white papers, reports, or anything else that can be valuable for your audience to use.

Idea #3: Introduce a Product or Service

Maybe your audience is already familiar with who you are, but do they know what you do? Or do they know what you’ve been up to lately? Promoting a new product or service is the perfect way to strike some initial interest and use it to drive action towards a first call or meeting. It can be something specific like a new, nifty feature or a large announcement like an acquisition or new product line.

And if you’re going to introduce something new, make it look cool. Make it intriguing. Share just enough to grab their attention, but leave them wanting more details so they click and engage with your brand.

Idea #4: Promote Your Upcoming Event

Do you have an upcoming webinar, virtual workshop, or in-person dinner or party? This is a great way to get any of your target accounts into your funnel and the perfect opportunity for them to get to know your brand. If your event is educational or has good energy, that can make an impact on their first impression of your brand. Plus it provides a starting point to reach out or follow up after the event to keep the conversation going.

For you event marketers, we know how much of an investment (both money and time) you put into hosting an event. Why not maximize every channel available to you to ensure the right people are there? This includes the emails you and your co-workers send to your most important customers and prospects every day.

Knowing which accounts to target and finding all possible ways to engage with them ultimately leads to more pipeline and revenue for your team. And it all starts with brand awareness and a strong first impression!