3 Signs You’ve Hit the Limits of Your Existing Marketing Automation Platform

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For anyone who’s gone from the pain of using spreadsheets to coordinate campaigns, manage budgets and report on results, marketing automation (when implemented and used effectively), rapidly becomes a huge time saver and absolute game changer.

The depth of relief when labour intensive spreadsheets are replaced with super slick automation is enough to keep any marketing department riding high for many months, if not years… but there comes a time when this is no longer enough.

When the initial excitement of reducing administrative burden, increasing campaign efficiency and improving ROI accuracy subsides, what’s next?

Many marketing departments run the risk of doing ‘more of the same’. After all, marketing automation and its core benefits fast become the new norm. For those who continue to challenge, grow and develop even further, the role of the once shiny platform needs to come in to question. Does it still meet your needs? Or have your ambitions outgrown the platform’s capabilities?

Here’s three signs you’ve hit the limits of your existing marketing automation platform:

  1. Your marketing performance has plateaued…
  2. You’re bringing new channels on-stream that can’t integrate with your MAP (e.g. SMS / Social / ABM?)
  3. You can’t produce the reports you want to / you are being asked for

If you’re experiencing any of the above with your marketing automation platform, it’s most likely hit the limits of its current capabilities.

That’s not to say that it can’t be developed further to meet your ambitions… speak to our MarTech practice consultants for an independent appraisal of how to loosen those limits and open the marketing automation potential back up for you.