2023: The Year to Use Video in Your Digital Selling

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Hi Martech Crowd, it's me, MartechMadman2007, back at ya with another vlog. This time we're delving deep into video-based Digital Selling. It's gonna be a mad one. Smash that like button, ding that bell, and subscribe for more. Now, for 10 straight minutes of me yelling into a mic. 

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Okay, when we say video, we don't always mean a 12 year old Minecraft YouTuber saying some questionable things. Instead, video can sometimes be used for good. 

In Vengresso's "State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn" report, they reached out to Dr. Joel Le Bon, who identified five common activities among survey respondents with the highest Social Selling Index.

With a higher SSI rate, you tend to also get successful sales results. So, these behaviours are:

  • A high number of unique connections
  • Regular use of advanced search
  • Having referrals from the last three months
  • Consistent sharing of content with their network
  • and...leveraging video.

So, today we're focusing on video. Video messaging can increase email open rates x8, but only 6% of the Vengresso survey respondents had created a video message for a prospect or customer in the previous three months.

“Video is the most powerful communication tool available to the modern seller. Any salesperson not leveraging video is missing an opportunity to communicate effectively with their prospects and customers," says Eric S. Yuan Founder, CEO of Zoom. 

How can we utilise this technique? Well, a number of different ways. Videos can be used at many different points in the buyer's journey, with some of the most effective types being:

  1. Mini-demos: Video re-caps of important meetings, to refresh and remind
  2. Meeting follow-ups and summaries/reviews
  3. Re-establishing frayed relationships, and win back customers
  4. Video proposals
  5. Virtual Meetings

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To keep up a schedule of sales nurturing, more content is needed. There are several ways you can use video for this. 

Looking for the down low from a download? Want to be overly-informed on Video Marketing? Well, check out our Video Marketing Tech Best Practice Guide, here!

Video FAQ galleries

Product pages can be a bit tedious. It's hard to communicate an entire product's features and benefits with a couple of images and some bullet points. A better approach might be to introduce something a bit more visually appealing, and browsable. 

Having a short video explaining each feature in a way that is clear and concise can be super useful for sales communication, as it breaks down difficult to understand concepts, and demonstrates the product in real time. 

In the space of a few minutes, your potential client can get a real feel for the product. Make sure you identify your customer's pain points, and explain how your product will address these.

Consider whether live action or animation would work better for your client base - each have their own advantages. Headspace have a particularly good grasp on the animation version:


Calm and inclusive, the video details the benefits of the action of mediation i.e. the product, and the benefit of choosing their app. 

Slack, on the other hand, have chosen the live action path:


This way, the live action gives it a testimonial feel, whilst also outlining the features of the product, and the different ways it can be used.

Video is not just used for product demonstrations, though, but in a variety of ways across the entire sales cycle. So, let's have a look at the beginning, with:

Sales Videos

Sales videos can be impactful in a bunch of different ways. Videos can build relationships from a distance, putting a face to a name, so to speak. People tend to be more responsive if they feel like they have an emotion connection with you. Plus, even before this stage, a video can stand out in people's inboxes, earning 3x the amount of responses just with its inclusion. 

Some companies even cut their deal cycles in half with video. Plus, higher response rates mean more time actually selling. So, quick and effective.

Right, let's get into some examples. What are the types of videos most often used for sales?

Well, we have:

  • Webcam Video

Also known as selfie videos, Webcam videos offer an (almost) face-to-face personal connection. Think FaceTiming your nan. 

You can use this technique to build relationships and introduce clients to your office and team, in a way that feels intimate and casual. This is because it is user-generated content made specially for your prospect - basically, it's virtual networking. 

  • Screen Share

Think a PowerPoint presentation, but way more engaging. Screen share videos can be used to explain complex topics, in a way that is visually appealing and easy to follow. It's basically a virtual tour, with the presenter being the virtual tour guide. 

  • Marketing Personalised Video

What it says on the tin. Your marketing can create a mass campaign, and then your sales rep can put in some personalisation elements. We know that personalisation is king, so with a few extra details, you can turn a pre-recorded message into a personal address. 

The overarching benefit of these three variations is they grab attention. Video prospecting works, as mentioned before, with email - especially if they include a thumbnail that is attention grabbing. But it also is effective with LinkedIn InMails, and social media DMs.

If you work with ABM campaigns, videos might be your new best friend. 

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When you have gotten your client's attention, you have the time to explain your product. Video is a quick and impactful way to get your message across, so you gain the attention, and you keep it.

There's no initial attention-grabbing, then quickly losing it when you present your client with a 15,000 word PDF about one aspect of your product. It walks your customer through your offerings, and also why you reached out, without having them click away. 

Once you have their attention, you can use videos to:

Move Deals Towards Closing

Videos don't have to be a one time thing. Maintain the momentum with video reminders! If you use videos to get customers used to you, the whole process will feel personal and connected - especially if they become accustomed to seeing you. Remember, customers that feel a connection will also feel more accountable to you.

Try using micro-demos for any deals that have become stuck. It once again demonstrates the benefits of your products to clients that are hesitant to commit to full demos. End the video with a Call To Action, or even a link to your calendar. 

And once you've won them over, you can continue using videos. Walk your clients through contracts, handoffs to the customer service team, or customer support. It's all about explaining every step of your process to the client, in a way that is entertaining and informative. 

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