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AntiCon DialUp - The habits of high-performing marketing teams

14 March | 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET


Discovering the habits of high-performing marketing teams

Innovation and creativity don't happen in a vacuum. Marketers work better in groups, and the right platform provides a base for their collective imagination to flourish. We aim to understand how platforms frame and guide your marketing teams' work, providing practical benefits around work processes, and freeing them to concentrate on reaching new levels of content effectiveness and creativity.

Are you seeking to streamline and enhance your content operations and marketing process, uncovering inefficiencies and leveraging technology to drive better results?

In this session we will be joined by Deane Barker, Senior Product Strategy Director Optimizely to delve into the key stages of the marketing process, including content and campaign planning, content creation and collaboration, and campaign execution, publishing and analytics. We will explore how marketing teams can leverage a content marketing platform like Optimizely to foster creativity and drive results.


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