10 Great Virtual Conferences You Have to See

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Your audiences expect stellar experiences

Whether those experiences take place face-to-face, on your website or at a conference, delivering on those experiences in today’s day and age requires a virtual touch — one that’s engaging, comprehensive and capable of meeting attendees wherever they are. ON24 Virtual Conference makes conference engagement on a grand scale possible.

That’s because Virtual Conferences house each element of a digital experience — from targeted messaging and content to interactive webinars and surveys — under one environment for would-be conferencegoers to watch, review, consume and interact. Meaning, when your conferences and events hit the road, they also hit the virtual avenues.

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Informatica, a leading software development company, holds a variety of events, like its MDM 360 & Data Governance Virtual Summit, every year. The summits, designed to help organizations develop an end-to-end approach to data strategy, must deliver excellent experiences every time and reach a global audience. To make this happen, Informatica uses ON24 Virtual Conference to create familiar, conference-like experiences — complete with auditoriums, plazas, partner expos, launches and more.

To help virtual attendees navigate its various digital doors, Informatica uses Virtual Conference consoles to bring key experiences, like partner links, resource centres and agendas, front and centre. Finally, to keep its audiences engaged, Informatica also gamifies its Virtual Conferences with trivia, tests and more.

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Sometimes you just want to make your partners feel special and successful. Often, that means providing partners with the tools, resources, insights and know-how they need to make the most out of your platform, product or solution. That’s why SAP, a leading enterprise software and solutions provider, developed a special Virtual Conference for its partners during SAP Innovation Day. What did it do to make its partners feel special?

SAP provided its virtual visitors with a variety of experiences on how to make the most out of their partnership with both SAP and SAP brands, like HANA, SuccessFactors and Concur. More than that, each track has its own library of content to consume, enabling partners to come back and discover new aspects of the partnership at their own pace. Finally, SAP included industry insights from leading firms, like IDC, to explain how partnerships are changing in an increasingly global world.

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So how can an organization easily coordinate, inform and engage clients when they can’t meet in person? SAP Concur shows us how with its Virtual Client Summit. In this summit, SAP Concur brought its customers in for a one-day user conference designed to highlight how its products and services can help users to grow their organization and keep expenses simplified.

To do this, SAP Concur used Virtual Conference to engage and educate attendees through interactive webinars, fun activities and quizzes (even a virtual Jeopardy contest!) and more resources for users to consume.

fis logo

FIS, a fortune 500 technology and services leader, held its annual event, Rise & Thrive, in an multidimensional Virtual Conference. Featuring an expo hall, multiple keynotes, breakout sessions and E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic as the master of ceremonies, FIS’ capstone conference went off without a hitch.

FIS made navigating its virtual conference easy with informational booths color-coded based on the topic of content available “inside.” Audiences were able to download written and video materials, chat with fellow attendees in real-time and set appointments in individual booths.

For attendees looking for ways to connect in this virtual conference, there were message boards, scavenger hunts and people finders. The event also provided networking lounges filterable by language in order to accommodate global audiences. Attendees were also able to select lounges based on subject matter and lifestyle topics including gardening, meditation sessions, yoga, music and more.

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How do you connect partners across borders? Traditionally, you’d hold a massive in-person event where everyone can mingle, connect and talk shop. But there are two issues with such an approach: first, not everyone can attend an in-person event; second, global health restrictions — like those implemented during the COVID-19 global pandemic — can make face-to-face meetings impossible.

To get around these issues and connect the politically and economically-connect Benelux Union, Salesforce created Salesforce Live: Benelux. In this well-branded Virtual Conference, Salesforce provided attendees with content on industry innovations and best practices and organized its tracks based on themes — like B2C Marketing and Commerce and App Development — or specific industries. To cap it all off, Salesforce put together a virtual conference featuring Eurovision’s 2019 Winner, Duncan Laurence.

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Xactly knew exactly what it was doing when it set up its annual conference, Xactly Unleashed. Its conference, which gathers more than 3,000 sales, finance, operations and compensation leaders from across the globe, provides virtual attendees with
the same range and depth of content as they would get inperson.

To do this, Xactly organized killer keynotes, four distinct tracks for attendees to follow, integrated engaging content, like customer Q&A panels, and provided attendees with
on-demand access to the research they saw and the best practices speakers had to share.

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Virtual Conferences can engage audiences at any time and anywhere. For example, SAP put together a special virtual conference for its SAP Japan team to engage, educate and communicate with Japanese-speaking customers.

In its Virtual Conference, SAP Japan provides attendees with video instructions on how to navigate the virtual conference. It also provided attendees with a keynote presentation, a range of interactive webinars and a partner exchanges where attendees can click on partners and event sponsors to learn more about a particular company’s offerings.

cuna mutual logo

CUNA Mutual Group hosts a large, physical event called the “Discovery Conference” every year. It leveraged the event to share timely and relevant industry information, mainly with credit unions and related businesses. But to make its conference more accessible, CUNA Mutual Group decided to move its virtual conference online via Virtual Conference.

With ON24 Virtual Conference, CUNEA could easily share its conference to would-be attendees anywhere in the world. It also provided attendees with the chance to network virtually through scheduled chats and message boards — allowing attendees to even exchange virtual business cards. All told, its Virtual Conference and simplified registration process help to draw nearly 2,000 professionals to its annual event.

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IBM’s Enterprise Career Development team developed an internal recruitment strategy to identify prospective employees for its African operations. Working with ON24, IBM created its Destination Africa Job Fair, a Virtual Conference to source candidates for IBM jobs in Africa and connect them with recruiters to fast-track the hiring process.

IBM used its Virtual Conference to connect to the company’s “Global Opportunity Marketplace” internal recruiting tool. The job fair offered private chats with recruiters, relocation experts and IBM personnel who had recently made the move to Africa. They provided practical advice and answered questions about the realities of moving to Africa. All told, the event drew more than 17,000 prospective candidates, 5,200 IBM employees and more than 1,000 opportunities for IBM to grow its presence in Africa.

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Marriott International is a $12 billion company operating 18 distinct brands, each requiring its own approach to providing guests with the best experience possible. But to train new hires in these experiences, Marriott relied on paper-based training material and feedback.

To bring its leadership onboarding process into the digital age, Marriott worked with ON24 to produce a Virtual Conference. Marriott used this Virtual Conference to quickly and efficiently train up its new hires through active, engaging webinars, a resource library and a virtual networking lounge for new classmates to get to know one another.