Why Marketing Operations is the Hottest Rising Profession and How You Can Capitalise on it

MOPs. We're not talking about the thing you clean floors with. Apologies if the algorithm has sent you our way, but try B&Q. I got mine there and it's great. 

But these MOPs are different, far more useful. 

But make no mistake, Marketing Operations Professionals, or MOPs, go way beyond just the tech. A strategic role, MOPs have the opportunity to be a real cash cow, from getting involved with marketing analytics, revenue generation, decision-making, and beyond. A triple+ threat. But the definition is broadly vague, and vaguely broad, and this is on purpose - a marketing operations professional's job is varied, and can be moulded to fit a company. 

From end-to-end, MOPs are involved. Throughout marketing process and operations, they keep every part of the production together, ensuring tech is integrated and deployed, funnels are optimised, and goals are achieved. And they set the tone for what happens even after these goals are achieved. Value-creation is the name of the game!

MOPs are ultimately there to connect the dots. Ensuring coordination, improving process, and integrating tech combine to make MOPs the glue that binds strategy and execution together. 

As marketing itself becomes more complex, the role MOPs play will too. So, we've got a number of speakers discussing all parts of the profession, at this years #MarTechFest Dial Up - a one stop shop for all things MOPs! 

In ‘MOPs and simple tech hacks that can make your campaigns magical’, Brooke Bartos goes behind the scenes. You’ll find out all about topics like:

  • How MOPs can help take your campaigning to the next level
  • The power of APIs and Middleware
  • How Javascript can be used to track social and PR efforts

Brooke is Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, at Walker Sands Communications, and 4x Marketo Champion. Voted 25 Women to watch in Marketing Ops - so come see her sesh at #MarTechFest Dial Up!

In 'Why Marketing Operations is the hottest rising profession and how you can capitalize on it', Darrell Alfonso from Amazon will detail all things MOPs. Hear about:

  • Martech and MOPs
  • How to take advantage of this trend
  • The resources you need to get started

Darrell is the Global Marketing Operations Manager at Amazon, with a wealth of experience in the industry. A regular keynote speaker, he is big on promoting the importance of the profession within Marketing. If this isn't enough D.A (Darrell Alfonso) for you, sign up for our course collaboration, starting this June. Click here for more details!

In ' The MOPs playbook - Crawl, Walk & Run Your Way To Success', Kimmah Shah will give you the inside scoop on how to be the best MOP you can be. She'll cover:

  • Developing from foundations
  • MOP fundamentals
  • Optimisation 
  • Attribution

Kimmah is the Head of Digital & Demand Generation at Actian, and an all round marketing genius. From Digital Strategy & Transformation to Data-Driven Storytelling, she knows it all. Come hear from her directly, at #MarTechFest Dial Up!

Oh you want more? Then you'll get more! Choose from a wealth of speakers at your favourite Anti-Conference, with topics ranging from MOPs, AI, ABM and more. 

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