What is Preference Management?

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What is preference management? Preference management combines data privacy and customer choice to empower users to manage brand communications.  Other benefits include organizational compliance, transparency, and increased consumer trust.  

 Though preference management is typically associated with email marketing, it can go beyond emails as an organization moves from a basic to an advanced strategy 

Organizations building their preference-based marketing strategy may choose to start with a preference center. Preference centers allow customers to make choices about channels, communication frequency, and topics of interest. 

 Why should brands care about preference management?  

Preference management empowers your audience to make choices about marketing communications. These choices offer invaluable insight that marketers can leverage to strategize marketing communications. Ultimately, this can help reduce unsubscribes and opt-outs by increasing consumer choice and informing marketing strategy.  

According to Forrester SiriusDecisions, one major benefit is the way, “organizations [can] use data privacy to deliver compliance and choice to prospects”. It’s important not to limit the choices or options available to your customers. This is especially important on brand domains and websites today, as monthly website visits have increased. Giving your customers a voice through preferences is critical.   

 What are the benefits of preference management 

Preference management enables more personalization, audience segmentation, provides self-service options, and even collects zero- and first-party data. By analyzing customer preferences for channels, topics, and frequency, marketers can make more strategic decisions around campaign focus, resources, and execution.  

Customer experience should be top of mind when developing these strategies. It’s also important to incorporatconsent management into a comprehensive marketing strategyFinally, marketers should ensure that data collected, and choices made by customers are activated throughout different systems used for marketing, campaigns, and communications. By doing so they ensure customer choices are honored and data can be leveraged across your organization. 

 To learn more about PreferenceChoice’s solutions that can help your brand create a more personalized user experience request a demo today! 

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