Jaime Lopez's What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

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This year, and last, everything went online. From dog shows, to pottery classes, to speed dating, everyone joined in on the 'Zoom Boom'. 

And it looks like marketing is at the top of the leader board for all things webinar. The reliance on events in the industry, and the ability for it to adapt to change using tech, meant it was quick to leap to the webinar space. Keeping the audience engaged, and interacting with your brand under all circumstances, is the name of the game. 

What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

So, how does your business keep up? Especially as webinars aren't going away anytime soon. And who wouldn't want to turn up to a conference in their PJs, eating crisps, with their dog? People don't much like it if you do that in real life. Trust me. 

Luckily, Jaime Lopez is here to help. Covering all things webinar, Jaime details his experience with the topic in 'What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter'. He'll cover:

  • The impact of the global pandemic
  • Digital-only marketing
  • How Wärtsilä's marketing operations was able to increase webinar output twentyfold
  • How they were able to generate a pipeline contribution of tens of millions of euros.

Jaime Lopez an expert in data-driven marketing, with an emphasis on B2B megadeals. Jaime holds a M.Sc. in Energy Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid and has pursued further graduate studies in Machine Learning at Stanford University. Read our Q&A with him, to find out more - click here!

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