Welcome to Playable’s Advent Games: Try a playable experience yourself

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It’s the most wonderful and busiest time of year for marketers! We know how important it is to create marketing campaigns that are memorable and meaningful, especially around the holidays. 

By using playable experiences in marketing, especially in seasonal campaigns, marketers can create unique experiences for their audiences. We’ve seen our customers gather first-party data to better personalize, drive footfall to online and offline stores, and positively impact revenue. Playable marketing is efficient, it’s fun, and it’s approachable.

Research shows that experienced-focus businesses see higher YoY (year on year) growth (1.5x+) than other companies in customer retention, repeat purchase rate, and customer lifetime value. In fact, 80% of consumers say the experiences businesses provide are just as important as their products or services. 

Want to experience playable marketing yourself? Check out our Advent Games, which are live until December 22, 2022. Get the chance to play four different games over four weeks, including a memory game, a drop game, snake, or a quiz. There are even prizes up for grabs; we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate Christmas! 

Our platform data illustrates the power of playable experiences, especially in Christmas. Brands can look forward to focused time with their audience; some brands see up to 02:25 minutes of time spent per gameplay with their holiday campaigns and up to 21 repeat visits for a daily calendar. Valuable time spent together with your consumer and a tool that creates a repeat visit — what more can a marketer ask for?