Top Tips for Tidying Data: Your MAP Migration Checklist

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It’s not an easy decision to move Marketing Automation platforms, so when migrating to a new system it’s important to get it as right as possible from the start. There will always be some bumps along the way, that’s just the nature of technology transition… the key is to minimise these by investing time in careful planning before switching anything over.

Top Tips for Tidying Data: Your MAP Migration Checklist

Having been brought in to troubleshoot on many MarTech implementations over the years, one of the most common challenges is always data. While data hygiene should be maintained as a matter of Marketing Automation best practice, the reality is that overstretched marketing operations don’t always have the time to keep everything in check as they would like.

So, if you’ve bitten the bullet to migrate your Marketing Automation to a new platform, use my checklist to determine where you need to focus attention to secure a data-driven seamless transition.

Before looking at the checklist, here’s a couple of top tips to prime you for the process.

Top tips for tidy data

  1. Remember, bad data in, bad data out. When approaching your data hygiene exercise ahead of a migration, adding in missing data will be a big win.
  2. Assess all your data sources coming in; think about your CRM but also any others – and define the data model that will work for your objectives before you start.
  3. Don’t just see this as a preparation exercise. Ahead of MAP migration, try and establish processes that will enable you to maintain quality data practices once the new marketing automation platform has gone live.

Your data checklist for MAP migration

The following are questions that you need to ask yourself before migrating any data into the new marketing automation platform.

  • Can you really trust the data? Are sales and marketing efforts always falling short because they’re impeded by poor information?
  • Where do you have data gaps? How do you identify opportunities?
  • What does your data architecture look like? Is it healthy and effective? Where are all of your key data points?
  • How do you move away from cyclical data ‘spring cleaning’ and manage data degradation more effectively?
  • How can you drive user buy-in and adoption to maintain data standards across your team and the wider organisation?
  • Even with a framework in place, how do you operationalise this in the business?

Data is just one critical success factor for Marketing Automation migration. If you’re just starting to think about moving MarTech platforms, then you should read ‘Three ways to map Marketing Automation to your business scenarios’ before going any further.