The Red Carpet Treatment: Engaging Buyers With Personalised Messaging

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If you had 30 seconds to talk to a prospect, would you know what to say? After putting in the work to identify your ideal customer—and then spending the time and money required to reach their eyes and ears—you simply cannot whiff on your messaging. If you’ve ever struggled to come up with that 30-second elevator pitch, you know how hard messaging can be.

Talk to a sales veteran and something you’ll learn is that buyers want the sales process to be about them. Yes, they need to know about your features and pricing, but they really want to know how you’re going to solve insurmountable problems that they feel are unique to them.

So in the age of IP tracking and “is my phone listening to me?!” fears, how do we provide a personalized pre-sales marketing experience that clearly conveys your value? There’s no need to play dumb; the modern digital buyer knows that the marketer is armed with a depth of knowledge that some remain uncomfortable with. How that data is used can make the difference between a prospect feeling known versus feeling creeped out. Let’s dive into how personalisation can boost engagement

Technology allows marketers to wield a pretty enormous double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s really odd that all of us have this hidden digital profile full of our purchase histories, last-known whereabouts, and Internet searches. But on the other hand, it’s really handy when we’re served marketing messages that are relevant and timely.

Digital buyers are growing more and more comfortable with the level of personalization in the ads they’re served. Who among us hasn’t “fallen for” an Instagram ad only to find ourselves delighted with the product? “It’s like they knew I’d love this bar of artisan soap,” we say to ourselves. “But how?”

Buyers are leaving digital footprints that marketers can use to show up in their buying process at just the right time. You officially have permission to use the data available to be a better, more thoughtful marketer. 

Clever creative and a value-first approach to messaging may get you far. By targeting the right audience on the right channels and with engaging and personalized content, you can go further.

Where would your business be in six months if you could fill your pipeline with more of your ideal customers just as they were reaching their moment of need? Could you move up-market? Could you boost revenue? You won’t know what’s possible until you try!