Who is Tamara McCleary?

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Tamara McCleary is a Branding expert, Chief Executive Officer and Top Influencer. Tamara is a leading technology futurist, believing advancements such as AI will bring great social, political and spiritual impact to the business world.Tamara McClearly

Why we love her

Tamara’s career has been defined by the future, and what the future’s technology and communication tools will look like. She is always looking ahead to the next innovation and how best to help the customer of tomorrow.


    • Graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing with Double Minor in French and Music
    • Studied Graduate -level statistics at San Francisco State University
    • Completed Graduate Course Work and Research in Psychology
    • Brand Expert and Technology Futurist for TamaraMcCleary.com (formerly Relationshift)
    • Chief Executive Officer at Thulium, a social media analytics and consulting agency

Fun facts

  • Tamara was named #1 most influential woman in Martech by B2B Marketing
  • Tamara counts as clients amazing brands such as: Dell, AWS, SAP, Mercer, Verizon, IBM, SYNNEX, Huawei, ANA:BMA, PTC, Kawasaki Motors USA, Dynamic Signal.

Where to find out more

    • TamaraMcCleary.com: Professional website where brands can hire Tamara for media appearances and TV shows, as well as other resources

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