Who is Neil Patel?

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You might know him as the smiley guy with his thumbs up who pops up on the banner ads for all of his websites. But we know him as a New York Times bestseller, entrepreneur, founder of np digital, and top web influencer. But who is Neil Patel?

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Neil Patel is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry. He is an entrepreneur, marketing guru, and founder of Neil Patel Digital, a company that helps businesses to grow their online presence. With his knowledge and expertise, he has helped many businesses achieve success online.

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Neil Patel has always been interested in marketing. He started his journey at the age of 16 when he created his first website. However, he struggled to market the site successfully, which led him to seek expertise in the field. After completing his degree in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton, he started his career as a marketer.

Neil co-founded KISSmetrics, a software company that provides web analytics and customer intelligence solutions. As VP of Marketing, Neil helped KISSmetrics grow to be a successful company. He also co-founded Crazy Egg, a tool that helps businesses improve their website's usability and conversion rates.

I lost over a million dollars into a hosting company. It was my worst investment to date.

The idea we had was great, but the people who ran it weren’t rockstars. The big lesson I learned… ideas are a dime a dozen, it is all about the people.” 

In addition to these successful ventures, Neil Patel is also a bestselling author, having co-authored "Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum" His work has helped many people understand marketing concepts and apply them to their businesses.

Neil Patel Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides innovative marketing strategies and plans to businesses worldwide. Neil and his team bring industry insight to life and create customized solutions for each client. His agency has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon, Google, and NBC.

Neil Patel: Marketing Guru, Online Entrepreneur, and an All-round Nice Guy

Neil Patel is not just a successful entrepreneur; he is also an influential web personality. His blog, NeilPatel.com, is one of the most popular marketing blogs worldwide, with over 3 million visitors per month. His podcast, "Marketing School," co-hosted with Eric Siu, provides valuable insights and tips on digital marketing strategies. Neil Patel's Youtube channel also offers educational videos on various marketing topics, making him an all-around marketing influencer.

“Don’t sweat the technical stuff. Think of conversion optimisation as the process of making a new friend at a bar.

Or, if you don’t like bars, think about the Girl Scouts who sell cookies at your local grocery store every February. Their key selling point? Those kids know how to convince their target customers to buy.”

Neil Patel's focus is on bridging the gap in marketing knowledge. He believes that there are too many businesses lagging behind and intimidated by the industry, and his aim is to help these businesses grow their traffic and engagement with their audience. Neil's dedication and passion for marketing have made him a well-respected figure in the industry.

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.” 

In conclusion, Neil Patel is a digital marketing guru, entrepreneur, and best-selling author who has helped many businesses achieve success online. His marketing insights, strategies, and plans have helped businesses of all sizes grow their online presence. Neil Patel's dedication to bridging the gap in marketing knowledge is admirable, and his influence as a web personality is well-established.

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Who is Neil Patel?