MetaRouter Introduces Third-Party Tag Removal Solution

Customer Data Infrastructure platform MetaRouter has introduced a new third-party tag solution, which has significant implications for customer data collection and tracking. 

Data is frequently the driving force behind effective marketing. Today’s CMOs and CDOs need to harness data to create more personalised and effective marketing and to drive business growth. 

They have to achieve this in an increasingly complex landscape, facing challenges around compliance with data privacy legislation, consumer privacy concerns, and the regular changes the big tech platforms have been making, with migration to GA4, Google’s new analytics platform, a major issue at present.

MetaRouter aims to help marketers with many of these problems by changing the way enterprises handle data and delivering the next evolution of customer data collection and tracking. 

This server-side solution allows businesses to break free from mandatory usage of third-party tags, including platforms like Google, Meta, and TradeDesk, without losing any capabilities within these platforms. 

Large enterprises have traditionally faced significant challenges when moving server-side. While many enterprises recognize the server-side advantages of better security, compliance control, site experience, onsite conversion rates, and data consistency, it has historically been impossible to make this change without impacting the operation of other teams, especially marketing.

MetaRouter confronts this challenge head-on with a comprehensive solution that ensures the smooth transfer of customer data, even within complex data ecosystems, and enables complete server-side capabilities integration with downstream tools including martech/adtech, paid media, CDPs, analytics, and data warehouse landscapes.  

According to Greg Brunk,  Head of Product at MetaRouter:

We are enabling enterprises to securely collect critical data from their digital properties without compromising on performance. This is a significant leap forward in customer data management, and the results are significant –reduced page load times, 40% better SEO, and decreased risk of 3rd-party involvement in the data collection process, with the added bonus of effectively collecting and activating data at scale.

This enhanced flexibility and scalability not only streamlines operations but also leads to better ROI by optimising data activation downstream, all while maintaining a secure data environment that safeguards customer information.

By replacing potentially dozens of third-party tags on digital properties with a single, server-side tag, organisations are then able to: 

  • Regain control over data. Server-side tracking allows enterprises to selectively send data to approved third parties, ensuring ownership and regulation over the collected data, safeguarding user identities, and ensuring end-to-end compliance.

  • Enhance site performance and search rankings. By reducing the latency associated with multiple third-party tags, website loading times are improved, which impacts SEO and improves the user experience.

  • Simplify data collection. Consolidate tracking into a single server-side tag, enabling effortless data management from various sources, and providing a holistic view of user behaviour.

  • Improve data accuracy. More accurate data then accelerates and amplifies the impact of tech investments downstream including Martech, Adtech, analytics, and ID spines.

  • Risk reduction. By using MetaRouter as the single point of event ingestion and syndication, compliance-related consent enforcement can be moved closer to the point of data capture. This significantly reduces the risk associated with misappropriation and usage of customer data and provides increased control and transparency.

This new Customer Data Infrastructure empowers organisations to gather high-quality customer data in an efficient and ethical way, improving customer experiences, and driving business growth by providing the right infrastructure needed.

It’s a compelling solution for companies looking to harness the power of their customer data while adhering to privacy and compliance requirements.