Q&A: Meet...Dial Up Speaker Carey Straetz

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Carey Straetz

Meet Carey Straetz! The Director of Growth of Payroll, she is an expert in all things digital and content. And I'm content with listening to her talk marketing all day, heh heh. Sorry, bad pun. From data-based decision making and web analytics, to media channel management and measurement, Carey has all bases covered. She also leads the SurePayroll Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee!

If this isn't enough C.S for you, check out her session at #MarTechFest Dial Up  'Automating Your ABM Strategy...the Wrong Way', at our upcoming #MarTechFest Dial Up. And it's complete free. Don't say we don't treat you right. 

Take it away, Jacki!

We want to hear about you, you marketing legend. Give us a quick overview of what your company does and your roles and responsibilities there!

Surepayroll is a SaaS payroll provider looking out for the little guy running his own small business. I am Director of Growth, and I create demand that makes our funnel chock full of MQLs.

Now summarise that in 3 words!

I drive revenue.


What advice would you give to your younger self to drive your career?

Keep pushing, go around, over, under, beside each and every obstacle. Also, recognize earlier when it's time to bounce. Show loyalty to you and your tribe.

What bull$hit marketing advice do you hear too often?

Content is king. No shit, come up with something more original already.


What’s your biggest martech/ marketing ops gripe? Don’t hold back!

Overlap in the tech stack.


We’ve all read about Mark Wahlberg’s insane 2:30am morning routine, filled with golf and cryo-chambers. What’s your personal morning routine?

Snooze the alarms, check calendar in bed, get out of best 30 minutes before first meeting. Coffee-Coffee-Coffee-Coffee-Coffee-Coffee-Coffee-Coffee.


How do you keep motivated, and stop binge watching Netflix and eating crisps all the time? Asking for a friend.

I like learning, so finding new things, tools, strategies keeps me motivated.

What up-and-coming trend do you predict will take the industry by storm?

Predictive analytics


If you could recommend one book, podcast, tv show, magazine, piece of bathroom stall graffiti etc. etc. what would it be?

Lead Balloon podcast -- all about marketing, communication and PR fails!


What is your favourite marketing campaign of all time?

Budweiser horses


What else should we know about you? 

I love to geocache and took a geocaching trip across Canada a few years ago with my son.


You'll be speaking at our #MarTechFest Dial Up - can we get a sneak peek of your sesh? What's it all about, and what can't be missed?

Learn about mining big data for high quality prospects and surrounding them with an automated, immersive omni-channel experience to increase awareness, preference, and conversion. The projection was to bring in nearly 300 new customer companies… and only brought in 8. Fuck. Me.

Hear more from Carey at her Sesh ''Automating Your ABM Strategy...the Wrong Way' She'll be giving the inside scoop on all things ABM, including:

  • Mining Big Data
  • Surrounding high quality prospects with an automated, immersive omni-channel experience
  • Increase awareness, preference, and conversation

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