MarTech News: Round-Up 24/03/22

This Week in Martech: ✍️ TripleLift Buys 1plusX for $150M  ⚙️ Terminus Launches Connected Account Experiences 👥 Edison Interactive teams up with Vistar Media ✍️ Acquires Pressboard

✍️ TripleLift Announces the Acquisition of 1plusX ✍️ Zeta Global Buys ArcaMax ⚙️ Salesforce Launches Patient Data Platform ✍️ DrivenIQ Buys Visitor Data Inc. ⚙️ Tealium Adds New Integration Features 👥 Treasure Data Partners with Sinch

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TripleLift Is Buying 1plusX for $150 Million

TripLift, an ad tech company, has announced its first-ever acquisition, a move which saw them spend $150M on Swiss publisher data company 1plusX. 

Buying 1plusX will help bolster TripleLift’s first-party-data capabilities, said Ari Lewine, TripleLift’s co-founder and chief strategy officer.

“You can make a lot of really powerful and highly accurate predictions based off of user behaviour in an entirely private way that bring a lot of the relevancy that third-party cookies brought, without any of the reliance or privacy issues associated with third-party cookies,” he said.

Terminus Launches Connected Account Experiences

Terminus, an account-based engagement platform, has launched it's new feature Connected Account Experiences. 

This platform will provide first-party data to boost connections with target buyers, and has connected TV and audio ads and integrations. 

Edison Interactive Teams Up With Vistar Media

Edison Interactive, a CMS focused on connected devices, has announced Vistar Media is integrating with their platform. 

The platform, Shark Experience presented by Verizon, will run ads bought programmatically through Vistar Media Acquires Pressboard, a partnership management platform company, has acquired Pressboard, a provider of an analytics and reporting platform for branded content. 

TripleLift Announces the Acquisition of 1plusX

TripleLift, an advertising technology company, has announced the acquisition of 1plusX, a first-party data activation platform. 

"The combination of TripleLift and 1plusX means publishers and marketers will have a scaled, independent platform that is designed for the privacy-centric future," said Eric Berry, Co-Founder & CEO, TripleLift.

Zeta Global Buys ArcaMax

Zeta Global, a cloud-based marketing technology company, has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire ArcaMax, a company which develops and distributes interest-based newsletters. 

"We are excited to integrate ArcaMax’s impressive technology and content into the ZMP, the permissioned data sets into the Data Cloud, and their very talented team into our organization to help our customers create better consumer experiences and achieve higher return on investment," said David A. Steinberg, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Zeta Global.

Salesforce Launches Patient Data Platform

Salesforce has announced its launch of a collection of services for the healthcare industry, including a "Patient Data Platform", based on the Salesforce CDP. 

“Healthcare leaders are looking to create streamlined ways for their employees to collaborate while keeping patients at the centre of care,” said Kevin Riley, SVP & General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Salesforce.

“These new innovations make that possible and help healthcare and life sciences organizations of all shapes and sizes adapt and grow in more tech-enabled ways.” 

DrivenIQ Buys Visitor Data Inc.

DrivenIQ, a data and data technologies company, has announced it has acquired Visitor Data Inc. As a result of the move, DrivenIQ will now own more than 500M 1st party consumer records, propriety advertising technology and geo-location targeting capabilities. 

Tealium Adds New Integration Features

Tealium, a independent customer data platform, has announced their Spring 2022 product release - "Integrate Everything". 

"With these product improvements, spanning Data Connect, Data Sync and Tealium Functions and more, Tealium’s customers can leverage more data across the enterprise into their customer experiences than ever before, regardless of which systems need to be integrated," said the company in a press release.

The new features include workflow automation, synchronisation of customer engagement data with enterprise data warehouses. developer tools and APIs, new and enhanced integration to marketing applications, and privacy and security controls. 

Treasure Data Partners with Sinch

Treasure Data, a customer data platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Sinch, a leader in cloud communications and mobile customer engagement. 

Treasure Data and Sinch will unveil its joint offering at Enterprise Connect, the leading conference for enterprise communications and collaboration in North America on March 21-24 in Orlando, Florida. 

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