MarTech News: Round-Up 10/03/23

This Week in Martech: πŸ‘₯  Verizon Business Partners with Sparq Live Limited πŸ‘₯  ChurnZero Partners With Northpass  βš™οΈSalesforce Introduces Einstein GPT πŸ’° SOCi Raises $120M βš™οΈ HubSpot CRM Introduces New AI-Powered Tools πŸ‘₯  LiveRamp Partners With Adobe πŸ‘₯  Mauritius Telecom and Aprecomm Partner ✍️ Digital Wave Technology Acquires GoalProfit

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Verizon Business Partners with Sparq Live Limited

Verizon Business has announced a new partnership with Sparq Live Limited, a provider of customer engagement solutions. The partnership will enable Verizon Business to offer its customers a range of Sparq Live's products and services.


ChurnZero Partners With Northpass

ChurnZero has announced a new partnership with Northpass, a provider of training and certification solutions. The partnership will allow ChurnZero customers to access Northpass's platform and use its services to facilitate customer training and onboarding.



Salesforce Introduces Einstein GPT

Salesforce announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence platform, Einstein GPT.

With this offering, Salesforce is looking to make it easier for customers to predict customer trends and develop personalised user experiences. Powered by natural language processing and deep learning models, Einstein GPT will provide more advanced insights from customer data than ever before. This will enable organisations to better understand customer behaviour and develop more effective strategies for their businesses.

SOCi Raises $120M

SOCi has announced a Series D funding round of $120M, which will help them further expand their digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers. With these tools, customers will be able to analyse and optimise their customer-facing strategies, enabling them to better engage with their target audience.

Additionally, SOCi’s technology will provide customers with insights into how their campaigns are performing in real time, allowing for more agile decision-making that is based on data.

HubSpot CRM Introduces New AI-Powered Tools

HubSpot CRM has unveiled a suite of new AI-powered tools aimed at helping users better manage their customer relationships. The new tools are designed to automate tedious tasks, such as qualifying leads or responding quickly to customer queries, allowing valuable time for salespeople to focus on higher-value activities.

LiveRamp Partners With Adobe



LiveRamp has partnered with Adobe, the global leader in digital marketing and analytics software solutions. The partnership will see LiveRamp providing Adobe's customers with access to its data onboarding service, which allows marketers to securely connect data across platforms and channels.

Mauritius Telecom and Aprecomm Partner



Mauritius Telecom recently announced a partnership with Aprecomm, a provider of cloud-based solutions for businesses. The partnership will enable Mauritius Telecom to offer its customers access to Aprecomm's suite of products, including customer relationship management (CRM) software and business intelligence tools.

Digital Wave Technology Acquires GoalProfit



Digital Wave Technology has acquired GoalProfit, a leading financial technology company providing automated trading solutions for the global market. Digital Wave Technology plans to integrate GoalProfit's services into its existing portfolio, allowing customers to benefit from advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. The acquisition is expected to further strengthen Digital Wave Technology's position as a leader in the financial technology industry.


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